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Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Numerous handouts fuel welfare addiction
   American welfare addiction needs to stop. Is it our civic duty to pay for someone else’s bills? Money redistributed to programs like HUD, SICHA, Section 8 housing, USDA, Farmway Village, Migrant Head Start, Medicare, WIC, food stamps etc.?
   Necessity or entitlement? Steaks, deli pizza, soda and candy bought with Quest cards. Emergency rooms abused using Medicaid for colds. Bi-polar or ADHD? Suck it up! We all have issues.
   Try reporting someone that is defrauding the system? $2,800 for a mother to care for her child having no special needs other than having an 8-year-old mentality! $700 for a meth-addicted/dealing, PTSD-diagnosed gang member involved in a drive-by shooting murder of his homeboy. Career baby-makers reproducing while receiving welfare.
   Parolee receives free college grant money. 8-year-old child receives a free school lunch but has her own cell phone! Abusers pay for top dollar food items with Quest cards then buy booze and smokes with cash while texting on a cell phone.
   The welfare office needs to screen out felons, gang members, dopers and probationers so they don’t benefit. Did they serve in combat? Probably not. Did they retire at age 65. Probably not. Were they born with a severe disability? Were they born in America? Probably not.
   Welfare should be funded by volunteers and community benevolence only. Food should be given to the needy and rationed in the form of powdered milk, bulk oatmeal, rice, beans and only food essentials.
   What makes the sick, lame, lawless and lazy so special that they are entitled to a free ride? Stop the addiction!
   “We can afford all that we need; but we can not afford all that we want.” — Roosevelt
   n Larry Hemmert, Parma

And Larry, who's gonna pay for the money?  Are you willing to work for Health and Welfare and make home visits to 150 people every month?  Are you willing to take these folks to task when you can't even complete the paperwork you're given each month...or, you'll get fired if you don't.

People like Larry have no idea what they are talking about.  They see the few and condemn the many.  There are some scammers out there, but they are not in the majority.  Perhaps as small as 2 or 3 percent of the applicants for welfare are scammers, the rest actually NEED the help.  In fact, without the help, they are on the street and dying in hobo camps from malnutrition.  Larry, I suggest you go down to the local welfare office and pay attention to what actually goes on instead of throwing out accusations about graft and corruption of which you have no proof or credibility.   You, Larry, are like all the other small minded folks who think we should let 'em work or die.  It's an old ideation called Social Darwinism and it's cruel.

Shame on you, Larry.  You know not of which you speak.  And, we are our brother's keeper in a caring society.

Move to Big East would be bad for BSU
   Personal opinion: The move to the Big East is wrong for Boise State at this time.
   1. Because we are not physically ready for this type of move. Yes, we do win big-time games, but can we do it week in and week out? Not at this time. In a couple more years? Maybe, but not now.
   2. We are leaving the other sports behind. The Mountain West will not allow basketball or soccer or any other sport to play in that conference, which would mean we would have to go backward to the WAC or Big Sky with our other sports ... not fair, Kustra, not fair.
   3. There is more to college sports than money. My God, Kustra, don’t you know that? You are selling our sport (football) to the highest bidder. Not fair, Kustra, not fair at all.
   4. Too much travel. Too far. We are great fans, President Kustra, but traveling to all those eastern cities ... too much, way too much.
   5. The Mountain West Conference has teams that make sense that we play. They are western teams. We should be playing them, not Big East Conference teams.
   n John Belville, Nampa

Here, here, this guy's brilliant.  He's a genius.  A savant.  A magnificent magical maniac.

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