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Friday, June 17, 2011

Obama Resignation

Obama should take his own advice and resign
   So, President Obama says that if he were Weiner, he would resign.
   Too bad that he doesn’t feel that way about his actions toward America and its population. Polls show that there’s barely over 20 percent of Americans who feel that his policies are OK. The majority would be really happy if he would resign, and most want him impeached or tried for treason.
   He has even told us that he won’t wear the American lapel pin because he doesn’t want to be seen as taking sides. Yet he’s very happy to put on the Muslims robes or ornaments.
   He is against everything about our Constitution and makes no bones about it. Yet he is preparing to be the president for another term when he knows how our people feel about him and what he is doing to bring our country down.
   Wanda Perÿeld, Nampa

Poor old Wanda.  She knows nothing of which she is gabbing.  First of all, the polls mean little or nothing at this writing [6/17/11].  In fact. 20% is actually pretty good taking in the tough issues he's been facing in his first term presidency. Bush's popularity dipped into single figures at times and he still got reelected for a second term.  By the time 2012 comes around, I can assure the lady that Obama's popularity will rise and the Dems will again prevail...if for no other reason than the Reps have no one to go up against our President.

Secondly, that hullabaloo about he American Flag pin was over years ago.  Obama has since had the pin on every time he is photographed.  His wearing of Muslim robes was out of respect to the great Islam Religion.  He wouldn't wear Mormon garments at a meeting in the Salt Lake Temple for the same reason, plus his father's people were Muslim.  Finally, wearing a pin does not make you a 'real' American.  Believe it or not, all sorts of people could wear that pin: communists, atheists, agnostics, sadists, masochists, KKK members, etc. 

Against the Constitution?  Come on Wanda, what crap.  He was a community organizer and has a degree in Constitution Law from Harvard [where'd ya git yers Wander?].  He not only believes in the Constitution, he understands it, he studied it and he upholds it whenever he can.  On the other hand, his colleagues in the opposite party want to do away with a whole bunch of Constitutional Law and break it with regularity.

Wanda believes what Faux News tells her.  She probably adores Rush and ol' lonesome Glenn Beck.  I suggest Wanda listen to more sources before she condemns a sitting president who is trying to save her Social Security and Medicare.


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  2. This is a Wanda Supporter! Interesting. All emotional logic.

    We need more truth tellers about Obama
    It grieves me to realize how far Americans have changed and distorted what our brave warriors and forefathers cherished, fought and died for: freedom, truth and pride.
    Two letters published June 17 and 19 concerning Obama are prime examples. The one written June 17 by Wanda Perfield was excellent, but not near enough space to detail all of the horrible wrongs done to our beloved country.
    The second one written on the 19th by John Ireland is a typical propaganda ploy which has been used by the communists since the mid 50s and should scare the socks off of Americans.
    1. He used a nice-sounding word, “appalled,” to get our attention.
    2. He accuses the newspaper of doing what he wants to do himself.
    3. He twist words, and tells you what he misinterprets was written, just in case you forgot or didn’t read it.
    He is really the one who isn’t telling the truth, but can’t admit it. Perhaps Mr. Ireland should read the Constitution, along with what this country was founded on — the truth. He should keep his silly propaganda out of sight in his garage. Nampa needs fewer of his kind and 100,000 more truth bearers such as Wanda.
    Keep up the good work, Wanda! There are many of us who agree with you. Why not get rid of Obama?
    You deceived Americans aren’t even aware of your leaders working to force the use of the Islamic Law (Sharia) instead of our Constitution. Shame on you!
    n Pearl L. Downing, Nampa