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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Gay Marriage

Gay marriage foes often mislabeled by the Left
   This letter is in response to Delmar Stone’s op-ed piece Monday entitled “Fight bigotry: make same-sex marriage legal.”
   Disparaging remarks and namecalling seldom make for civil dialog. Using the terms “bigotry,” “fearful” and “anxious” in reference to those who hold a traditional worldview is a mark of extraordinary arrogance.
   It is a shame that the Left is just as bad at name calling as pretty much everyone else.
   Delmar Stone has crossed the line in this regard to applying those remarks to those of us who oppose homosexual marriage. We are not bigoted or afraid or anxious. Nor, as many others on the Left assert, are we “homophobic” or “intolerant.”
   I, for one, am getting plenty sick and tired of hearing these over-used and ridiculous terms in an effort to marginalize us. Enough already. We oppose homosexual marriage (and 
homosexuality) on grounds of principal which is rooted in moral and natural law. Space here does not allow me to elaborate on this point, but suffice it to say that a strong argument can be made on those grounds.
   Neither is it “compassionate,” as he suggests, to embrace homosexuality and homosexual marriage. Much the opposite, in fact.
   Which is more compassionate — warning someone you love to get out of the street and to turn back from the direction they were going (thus saving them from getting killed from an on-coming car) or respecting their freedom of choice, keeping your mouth shut and allowing them to get run over?
   We go down the road of sexual anarchy at our peril. The result will be a cheapening of who God made us to be. It will not unite us, it will just enlarge the circle of brokenness and cause yet greater misery.
    Patrick Baker, Caldwell

Here's a homophobe trying to justify homophobia.  Sexual anarchy?  Come on.  What does that even mean?  Rooted in moral and natural laws?  Homosexuality has nothing to do with morality any more than heterosexuality does, in fact, heterosexuals can be pretty weird in their practices themselves.  Cheapening of who got made us to be?  Is this character saying a homosexual is made by what?, aliens?  The idea of someone who is bigoted trying to justify bigotry gets a little bit ridiculous, doesn't it?  I actually laughed when reading this editorial.  JB

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