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Friday, June 3, 2011

Simple is and Simple does.

We are a simple thinking species are we not? Sheep-like in our daily routines believing everything will turn out okay if only we are 'good' people.

We vote for our favorite candidates based on the that belief: “If I am a good person, I will vote for a good person [via my goodness], and that person will do good for me in the great beyond known as 'gubmint.' I find it ironical that when we find that special candidate and he/she is a rat, we continue to support him/her because we are 'good' people and we would never vote for a 'bad' person. That simply cannot happen, we simply cannot vote for a baddie, cause we are good.

The conservatives have harvested bad pols for decades, but they still get into positions of power within the gubmint. How does this happen? Read the above description. Liberals by definition take a more worldly view of these candidates and try to pick those who might do the best job for us in government.

I understand conservative thinking. My father was a conservative, his father was a conservative, and his father's father was a conservative, and so forth for many generations. My father hated unions, taxation, democrats [Harry Ass Truman and Ruinseveldt], paying overtime to his lazy employees and, in general, hating anyone who tried to take a dollar out of his pocket. He voted Republican his whole life and never could figure out why we weren't in better shape – he had an excuse for that condition – those damned Democrats in Congress messed everything up. My father was vitriolic regarding the opposing party and could see no earthly good in anything democratically planted or harvested.

In my first year at college, I discovered the flaw in my father's conservative thinking. You cannot get out of a recession or depression by cutting taxes or cutting expenses. You cannot create more money by lessening the ability to make it. It sounds good though. Hey, I'll cut your taxes Mr. Businessman and that'll make you hire more folks and make more widgets. Huh uh, no-no doesn't work. Mr. Businessman takes that savings, puts it in his personal account and pays the same people the same or less wages cause he has 'to minimize expenses' in these times of need. However, if you keep taxes the same or increase them and begin government projects that put people to work, you'll notice that the depression/recession soon lessens and dies. Why conservatives can't understand this truth is an irony for the ages. Trickle down economics will never work...ever. It's been proven over and over for decades, yet the cons don't get it.

They think I'm a good [conservative] person and if I'm in debt and want to get out, I simply don't spend as much money. If the gubmint does the same, why then, we'll be just dandy. Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results...well, you know the rest. Governments don't operate the same as your family budget. The government has the ability to create jobs and money...can't do that with your family budget.

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