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Friday, June 3, 2011

Poor Man Econ

What is the economics of a poor man? Simple. He lives from paycheck to paycheck. He has no insurance or 'fall-back' plan if things go bad. He works at a hard demanding job five to seven days a week and is darned glad he has a job because his neighbor doesn't and he's losing his home cause he didn't receive a paycheck for the last three months. His wife works at McDonald's but make only enough to put a little food on the table. Yes, our poor man is glad to have a job, period.

What's the economics of a rich man. Simple. I got it and I'm gonna keep it. You work for me and want to keep your job, don't ask for benefits, you don't deserve it cause you're not rich like me. Besides if you have to go to the hospital, all you have to do is pay for it out of your savings. You don't have savings? You should have thought ahead. You're bad, not mine. I'm for the bottom line and you ain't it. If you affect the bottom line, you must go.

If the poor man wants to protect himself, he needs a union. But, oh no, the Congress says unions are no longer feasible. Let's face it folks, they've outlived their usefullness.

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