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Friday, June 3, 2011

Well, here you go again. I see President Obama has declared Nothern Idaho a disaster area and is going to authorize funds to help the beleaguered in that area.

Here's my question. Shouldn't our arch conservatives in this state be up in arms? Isn't that a demonstration of BIG government taking over from the state? Shouldn't Governor Otter tell the President to take his money and shove it. We don't want big government taking over. We can handle our own problems without the help of the nasty old federal government which, as we all know, is way too big and gives away too much money.

The irony of the conservative thinking never ceases to amaze me. Hey, keep the government our of our business...oh, until we need it, then we'll take all we can get. But don't you dare raise our taxes to pay for all that care you provide us.

Don't get me wrong. I feel for those folks in the north. Floods are no fun and are heartbreaking and dangerous to boot. I definitely think the federal government should jump in and help with the terrible expenses and clean up necessary. I just think there is something very wrong with the ideals of the conservative thinking.

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