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Friday, June 3, 2011

Obama and Ireland

Okay lovers of skewed logic here's one for you.  The President takes off to go visit our friends in Ireland and the neocons are up in arms.  Here's a typical ideation.

Obama wastes money on frivolous things
Need a show of hands. How many of you still think President Obama cares for the American taxpayer ?
   Here is something to put in your checkbook and balance it. With the money the taxpayers of America are putting out for him to check out his fourth-generation roots in Ireland, he could have flown the entire village to the USA to spend the week at Disney World. I’m not including the rest of this trip. Just the boondoggle to Ireland.
   Anyone want to make a guess as to how much we put out for him to go visit his old madrasa in Indonesia?
   Millions for Ireland, but billions for Indonesia.
   I’ve been around this stuff and done my homework on it. He spends money like it’s going out of style. Our money — money that we don’t have, or at least could put to better use.
   Put your head around how much it cost us to have him go to California to talk on Facebook for 20 minutes and for a pep talk to bring his ratings up.
   We can’t afford this guy. Let’s go for someone more responsive in 2012 
n Wayne Butterfield, Nampa

What the hell does a trip to Ireland have to do with our taxation problems.  I think he forgets all the trips his heroes Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. took in their hay days.  Good lord, as if taking a trip to Ireland has anything to do with adding to the tax burden of the American people.  If our presidents stayed home and ate sub sandwiches then the neocons would be saying they aren't taking care of our business abroad.  You just can't win with these people.  They are not logical, therefore, you cannot debate them, nor can you disagree with them; if you do, you are labeled with some odious jargonistic theme at the time: Communist, Socialist, etc., ad nauseum.

So for today, I say go for it Mr. Butterfield, you make no sense, but you obviously don't care.

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