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Friday, December 21, 2012

Fuzzy Economics

Boehner is at it again.  Spending cuts without tax hikes.  Do the Republicans even understand basic economics?

Let's do some simple math.  Let's say you have ten bucks.  If you were Boehner, you would take away 4 bucks and then ask you to buy more groceries.  Make sense?  If it does, then you don't understand simple math.  Obama wants to increase taxes on the rich, i.e., allow you to keep you ten bucks and let people who can afford it pay.  Which do you choose?  Keep your ten bucks, or go along with Boehner and keep six bucks.  In the mean time, the groceries still need to be bought with less money...doable?

You cannot pay bills with less money.  We have to pay more to get rid of this terrible deficit.  Sorry, but that's a fact.

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