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Sunday, December 9, 2012


Everybody who knows me knows I'm a liberal.  A Democrat.  But it's time I talked about guns, guns in general, and guns in the specific.

First of all, there are Guns and there are GUNS.  What I mean is there are Rifles and there are Pistols.  Both deadly, both very, very useful.  Let's take them one at a time, keeping in mind I own both types of guns.

I carry a weapon.  A concealed weapon.  A revolver.  If I am threatened with deadly force, I would, in fact, use it.  Am I going to go crazy and shoot someone out of hand? NO.  Of course not.  I'm not unbalanced.  I'm not a rage-aholic.  I'm not some linebacker footballer who has problems with my temper.  I'm just an average American citizen who is granted the freedom to carry this weapon by the constitution of this country.

Do guns kill people?  Yep.  In the wrong hands, you bet guns will kill people.  But, we have laws that say people have to go through a screening process in order to possess one.  Do people who shouldn't have guns have them?  Yep.  They also possess knives, crowbars, baseball bats, and anything else that'll kill people.  I think it's idiotic to not be incensed when you read about someone being killed ... gun used or not.  What we need to keep in mind is that the person who did the killing would probably kill with or without the gun.

I'm not a big fan of automatic pistols and rifles.  I'm not sure they are good for anything but killing people.  However, I do not believe other people should not own them.  If this country should ever been invaded by a foreign force, they would find a whole country armed to the teeth and that affects how they would think about said invasion.

I hunt deer and elk.  I do not hunt people.  My guns have never killed anyone.  So, I believe guns are okay for me and for any other sane human that wants to own one.

I'm just sayin....

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