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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The New State Senator

Check out this kid's smarts...

Thoughts on Nampa School District cuts

Nampa School District has provided much to students, but one note: I’m a student that’s a part of the district.     

I may only be a senior in high school, but I’m concerned of the benefits for other kids in the later years that are being presented to the district. The upcoming approvals of getting students to have fees with transportation and sports can be vital with finances, but can be ruthless, especially around the holidays.     

But in general the economy is rough for most students. There must be some support system, for there are students that may not be able to afford some fees. Some sort of fee waiver such as the reduced and free school lunches was a great idea.     

Staying on benefits, the idea of cuts is being made, but I recommend that the cuts should be made to benefit the kids and teachers because it’s better to have someone work hands-on with students rather than to have a computer animated system to teach students that don’t want to proceed their education or lack in motivation to succeed.     

The main purpose is to keep kids in school and establish the public school system to be a public school where the direction it’s heading is a paying-off for school, but seems to be more related to private schools where most families can’t afford, hence the amount of kids that are within a family.    Roberto Murillo, Nampa 

And they say the younger generation is uneducated and uncouth.  This kid proves that just isn't so.  He makes some salient points and his punctuation is great and his syntax is good as well as his sentence structures.  Bully for you Roberto.  You're living proof that a public education works.  :-) 

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