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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Ol Mich the Bitcher McConnell

Obama won’t compromise

By BRUCE SCHREINER    The Associated Press 
 LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Senate Minority Leader Mitch Mc-Connell on Friday suggested President Barack Obama seems willing to take the country over the “fiscal cliff,” arguing that the president wants everything his way in talks to avoid automatic tax increases and spending cuts from taking effect next month.    
But Mitchie, you're side want's to still give to the rich and slight the poor and middle class.  It's same old, same old, with you ol' chum.  Besides, Barack holds all the cards.  Owns the bag of marbles.  In case you didn't know, Mitchie, your side lost.
McConnell described Obama’s negotiating tactic with Republican congressional leaders as: “Give me everything I want.” The Kentucky Republican sounded downbeat about prospects for averting the fiscal cliff that some economists warn could plunge the country back into recession.  
 “I’d love to tell you that privately it’s a lot better; you know that’s just public posturing,” McConnell said at the Kentucky Farm Bureau’s convention. “Privately, it isn’t any better. It leads me to believe that the president would like to drive us right off the cliff. How I think that benefits him is beyond me. ... Does anybody really believe that’s good for the economy? I think what his problem is, he’s having a hard time turning off the campaign.”     

Obama has insisted that any deal must include an increase in rates for high earners. 

Republican leaders say they will agree to measures that would bring in more revenue, but they say it should be done by closing loopholes or reducing tax breaks rather than raising tax rates for the wealthy. The president contends this wouldn’t adequately rein in budget deficits.     
Okay, let me tell you why these guys are operating with fuzzy math and terrible logic.  Let's just say they closed all the friggin loopholes and reduced tax breaks, where's the beef?  You can't cut spending and expect bigger revenues.  It doesn't work that way.  You can't cut the engine that drives this country [money] and expect it to operate efficiently and pay its bills.  Next time you want a raise in salary, say, "boss, instead of a raise, I want you to cut my wages so I'll spend more money."  You get it yet?  The money, i.e., taxes, are what drive this country.  In business we would say it's the money we need to keep the lights, heat and rent paid.  It doesn't pay the bills [deficit], it just keeps us operating.  If you cut, you cannot spend, if you cannot spend, the bills still come in and you get deeper and deeper in debt.  The answer is to create revenue, then you can cut.  That's why Obama wants to tax the rich...more revenue.  He doesn't hate rich people...HE'S ONE HIMSELF, what he wants is fairness in order to balance the budget.  Clinton did it, so can Barack if the congress would just shut up and pass the bill.
“He is bound and determined to get his way, and the way the law is constructed, it’s sort of stacked in his favor,” McConnell said.Sort of?  Oh Irony of ironies.  It's completely stacked in his favor.  Plus, if we did go over the so-called 'Fiscal Cliff' who do you think Americans would wouldn't be Obama.  Mitch, you wanna keep some seats in the Congress, do what the president wants.  He won the election by promising he would tax the rich.

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