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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

What, DId I say that?

I love that we have so many passionate gun rights advocates on this page!

Perhaps, as you loudly bellow about how stupid gun control advocates are you can answer a few easy questions?

1. What possible need do citizens have for owning an assault rifle? A hunting rifle will suffice for actual hunting and they are useless for home defense. The government has fully automatic machine guns, tanks and attack helicopters so don't bother claiming you need it to fight the government.

2. What possible need do citizens have for extended clips and ammo drums like the one used in Aurora, Colorado? Does that "need" somehow supersede the need for reduce the damage done during a shooting spree?

3. Since that is all most of us gun control advocates are calling for (you know, like the ban we used to have) can you explain why you keep claiming (falsely and with intent) that we want to ban "all guns?" It seems disingenuous.

4. Plus, my right to not be shot by a gun trumps your right to do it.

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