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Saturday, April 25, 2015


A lot of this post is paraphrased from a blog post by Barry Hampe and those items have been italicized.

What's wrong with the Republican Party.  Here's my opinion.  In my father's day, the GOP was much more interested in politics and did not have so much religion calling the shots.  This is a big deal.  If the GOP wants to win elections, they need to take religion out of the party's platform.  It, religion, alienates people...many people...and is a major cause for concern for them in regard to future elections.  The religious right, for instance, is constantly shoving religion AND politics down our throats and it's not healthy since most folks believe there should be a clear separation between religions and the state.

The GOP needs to stop ranting and raving about religious issues: abortion, same sex marriage, posting of the Ten Commandments, etc.  The party may be getting big money from these radicals, but they are losing votes by honoring them.

Stop the 'just say no-ers' from damming up the legislative process.  It's childish and it turns voters off.  Government works best if it is WORKING.

Compromise, for godsake.  That's what politics is all about.  That's why there are two parties in the first place; so both sides can be debated and a compromise can be reached.  Pay the country's bills and never ever shut down the government.

Get behind the infrastructure issue.  Make it your own.  Everybody in the United States knows about this issue and everybody in the country knows it's a problem.

Understand that climate change is here!  It is time for the GOP to get its head out of the sand and notice that the planet is warming.  Too many scientists agree on this issue and the only holdouts don't warrant the GOP to make believe this issue is not happening.

Stop running your race against Democrats.  It ain't working.  Start looking at what Democrats are doing and saying that's good and agree but add your own stuff to it.  By trying to defame Democrats just makes you look small and mean and nobody likes a bully.  You people are supposed to be grownups instead of schoolyard bullies.  It's okay to disagree but to denigrate is unwarranted and unnecessary and the people don't appreciate it.  Oh, you may get some folks to go along but the majority, the people who actually vote, don't like it.

Finally, pick people to run who know what the hell they are talking about and get big money out of politics.  Politics today is looked at through a public microscope.  The people see all and hear all.  Remember Mitt?  Just one speech during one dinner sunk him and lost the election for the GOP.  And don't get me started on Sarah Palin.

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