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Friday, October 26, 2012

Critical thinking is a lost art.  Nobody does it...especially today's media.  Faux News is the worst, but the liberal media can be just as bad.  If there ever was a time for us to ban together and stop this idiocy of fake crap, now should be the time.  I hate the stuff I receive in the email.

I got one piece of crud sent to me by well-meaning Delmar talking about how the Secret Service 'tells all' about past and present presidents.  Of course, it wasn't signed.  It was just crap.  I sent it back to him explaining what was wrong with the thing and he tried to lay it off as sarcasm and that's what he meant by the thing.  Booo.  Not true.  He actually thought it was true and now I'm starting to doubt his ability to think through what he actually believes.

I don't mind people having opinions.  I actually like that they do.  But when they quote statistics that aren't accurate or make other quotes not backed up by facts or try to tell me something that's blatantly false, I just can't let it go...I've gotta call 'em on it and quote facts back not opinions.

I'm used to people telling me I'm full of it, but what I'm full of is research and I refuse to take what he 'talking heads' tell me as truth without question.  I believe everyone should do the same. I feel better.

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