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Monday, September 2, 2013

The Vote on Syria

This is to make you go hmmmm.  In case you ever thought Barack Obama was stupid, this should quell that thought.

Obama has asked Congress to vote on whether or not we attack Syria with cruise missiles. Congress, particularly the GOP must wetting themselves. The warhawks very much want to attack because they LOVE any excuse to blow up people in other countries. But it’s veeeeeery unpopular. The “I oppose everything Obama says” will want to say no simply because Obama wants to. Some others will say no because they actually want to stay out of the Middle East.

There are four ways this could go:

1    Congress votes “yes” and we attack. Well, The GOP will not be able to attack Obama because Republicans would have had to vote yes in the first place.
2    Congress votes “no” and we don’t attack. Now they can’t attack Obama as soft on terror or whatever because Republicans would have had to have voted against it.
3    Congress votes “yes” and we don’t attack. Yeah, right.
4    Congress votes “no” and Obama decides to attack anyway. This is the only scenario that will help Republicans and is very unlikely. It would, however, bolster their talking points that Obama is a dictator that ignores the Constitution. Which is why he wouldn’t do it.

There’s almost no good outcome for the GOP here and that’s why, I think, is part of the reason Obama is demanding that Congress do its job for a change.

By the way, the title of this post is a total lie. There is literally nothing Obama could do to shut his critics up. He could save the reincarnation of Jesus from a pack Islamic fundamentalist suicide bombers using an AR15 painted with the American flag while french kissing Ronald Reagan’s corpse and singing Ted Nugent’s greatest hits and they would complain about the shoes he was wearing. Oh well.


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