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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Oh those pesky immigrants


Most illegals won’t pay taxes, anyway chastising the few members of his party speaking up for border integrity, Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (D-Illinois) reminded them that partial amnesty would mean 5 million new voting Democrats. This would likely ensure another Democrat presidency in 2016. Blanket amnesty would give Democrats 10 to 15 million votes and grant the radical left domination of the presidency complete with dictatorial license for years.

   Democrats are waging a socialist revolution right under our noses. The vast majority of “undocumented Democrats” will never pay taxes. They will be subsidized their entire lives. Taxpaying Americans will be stuck paying for their food, health care, housing and education in whole or in part.
   Pew Research Center, through The Freedom of Information Act, revealed that 90 percent of the “children” in the “border crisis” are teenagers. How many will be voting in 2016?
   Democrats oppose voter ID laws knowing that they would counter their massive balloting fraud.
   Eighty percent of current U.S. population growth is from immigration; 27 percent of prison populations are non-citizens; 17.5 percent are from Mexico.
   Border agents and medical staff at detention centers have been threatened with prison for revealing facts about the border “children,” many of whom are riddled with dangerous diseases and parasites. Many more are hard-core gang members, experienced in murder, torture and rape. Gangs such as the murderous MS-13 are actively recruiting in the detention centers.
   Costs of our border abdication are immense. Each undocumented Democrat costing over $140 per day. But the toll on jobs, prosperity, public safety and a united and free America are where the real pain will come.
   Democrats who love this country must abandon their socialist party and stand against this hostile invasion. They must each decide whether government handouts and winning elections are worth any price — including the economic stability, public health, safety and security of this great nation.
   Jerry Stark, Nampa

According to Mr. Stark's Pew Research Center 43% of America's voting base is non-white. It's time, Jerry, for you to step into the 21st century. Railing about immigration and voting fraud and all other racially motivated diatribe has had its day. All you do is rile up that 43% and do your party [conservative, I assume] no favors. Take some advice. Stop it! You're ruining your reputation and your tea associates' reputation as well. Most folks are just soooo weary of your type of information distribution. Most folks live in THIS world, not the 1950's world in which you seem to be stuck and wish to stick the rest of us. Why can't you just go away. Move to Iceland. I hear that country is 99% white.

And, another thing, Jer, Democrats are not waging “a socialist revolution right under our noses”. The Cultural Revolution is waging itself. It doesn't need or want Democrat intervention. The so-called Cultural Revolution has been going on in this country since the 17th century. Check your history books, Jerry. America was and is the cultural “melting pot” of this planet and that fact has created our greatness you are so heartfelt about.

In conclusion, Jerry, I guess you just don't get it. There is no “hostile invasion.” There ARE a whole bunch of people who want a better life for themselves and want to find that life in the Good Ol' U. S. of A. Just like your fore-bearers did in the past. The truth is, this country's immigration laws are antiquated and need a complete overhaul so as to include rather than exclude everyone trying to find a way into this country. Those people need to have access and, yes, that access needs to be legal. But let's not sit around bitching about immigration and how those “brown people” are out to destroy our magnificent country and do something positive about it.

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