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Monday, October 20, 2014

Rollin rollin rollin, keep that Ebola rollin along

Here I go once more into the breach. “Why do we let people into our country who are from countries with deadly diseases like Ebola?”

Sounds like a good question until you take a closer look at it. My answer would be, “how do you keep 'em out?” If you can answer that one, you should be president, vice president, secretary of state and head of both houses. For every argument you can give for keeping people out of the U.S., there are two more showing you how it's impossible to do it – or any other country for that matter [even so-called closed Communist Countries]. Besides, we are not what you would call excellent protectors of our borders...and there's a good reason we aren't, i.e., nearly 20 thousand miles of border to protect is a lot of miles.

People enter the U.S.A. every day with various illnesses, maybe not Ebola, but other deadly ones. The reason you don't hear about them is they are usually hospitalized quietly and cured, or they die. Or they sniffle, snuffle, cough and wheeze, then climb on a bus, train or plane and depart to some other country, state, county or town never to be heard of at all...PERIOD.

Ebola is a media disease. It's captured the hearts and minds of all the shock-jocks and conspiracy nuts who've got air-wave voices. What's better to stir up the masses than a good ol' plague with no cure? EBOLA. The killer of EVERYBODY. Hide. Dig a hole and climb in it. Run away. Get some of those surgery masks and walk around town showing people you ARE PREPARED.

Or. We could just treat whomever enters our country who shows signs of a disease and let it go at that and stop thinking that the sky is falling cause there are a couple of sick people in a population of 300 million citizens.

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