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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Gay Bashing in the Press

Just wanted to let you know that bigotry is alive and well in good ol' Nampa.

We shouldn’t be forced to accept gay behavior
   I am distressed that the socalled “gay community” continues to press for legislation which is really an attempt to get public acceptance of gay behavior.  [Gays could care less if you accept their behavior or not.  What they care about is equal treatment as human beings.]
   We have laws now which protect against discrimination in housing or employment based on gender or race. We can’t continue to add more specific additions to the laws already on the books.
   You cannot legislate every behavior without taking away the rights of the majority of the people. In my opinion, homosexual behavior is a choice [like heterosexuality, right?]  that carries with it some isolation from the majority of the people.  [I wonder when ol' Jon Tate 'decided' he was heterosexual?]
   I have great empathy for those who have chosen these paths and do not discriminate against them for their behavior. [You bigoted idiot.  Your first 2 paragraphs show you do discriminate.] This empathy does not extend to socializing with those who commit such acts. [Don't worry, you are definitely not their 'cup of tea.'  They wouldn't socialize with you if you asked 'em to.  They could see your ilk a mile away.]
   I see these actions as condemnation of our society. I do resent the effort being made to promote this behavior as being normal or acceptable to the majority of our citizens.  [Where did you climb out from under?  Nobody is trying to 'promote' any behavior.  The gays just want the same rights you enjoy Mr. Tate.]
   Jon Tate, Nampa

I'm real sorry IPT decided to print this guy's opinion.  I know for a fact IPT is not anti-gay in the least.  It just goes to show you that IPT will have the guts to print things that are odious to others just to keep us informed that these folks are alive and well and living under rocks along the mighty Snake River.  Mr. Tate is a bigot.  That's a given, but he is also a hate-filled person who has problems with his own sexuality, else why would he be gay bashing.  And if you asked him if he thought he was gay-bashing, he would deny it saying he's got nothing against gays except they should not walk the earth with us 'normal' people.  God, what idiocy.

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