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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Poor Poor Insurance Companies

Ads touting health care law stink
   I see a lot of ads promoting the “health” “care” “law.” One night, Channel 2 broadcast it 20 minutes apart. These are paid for by the Department of Health and Human Services, so they are using our money to try to convince us this is a beneficial law. Thank God someone is helping make sense of this law.  Horray for Channel 2.  Keep it up.
   The ad claims you can get a 50 percent discount on prescriptions when you’re in the “doughnut hole.” I wonder what’s the purpose of the “donut hole,” [the doughnut hole is the difference between the $2350 Medicare pays for and $3600.  The difference is the doughnut hole where one pays the 'real' price of the drug.] other than to make Medicare coverage complicated and hard to understand, or an excuse not to pay for the coverage you bought when the government confiscated medicare tax payments from your paychecks all your working life. And they have the nerve to accuse insurance companies of finding ways not to pay. Regardless,someone pays for the 50 percent discount. Drug companies, [Awww, those poor drug companies who make billions of dollars over and above the cost of their medicine costs.] I suspect. Government confiscated? your money out of your paycheck?  Would you like it back?  Then you can pay for your medication and hospitalization when you get old and infirm.  You want that?  Are you a complete idiot?
   You think that’s dandy? It takes 8-plus years of research, testing, complying with regulations to make a new medicine available. There’s no incentive to make new, more effective medicine if we allow the government to force drug companies to sell their product at a 50 percent discount [Let's say you're right--you're not--but say you are.  50% is still a ton of money.  And the Fed will pick up the  You pay for it out of taxes just like everyone else.  You're burden is so small I doubt you'll even feel it, so stop bitching.] so that the government can claim the new “health” “care” “law” is doing something for us. Obama said the new law would make health insurance more affordable. My insurance premiums more than doubled [Drop the insurance company, they are gouging have that right, you know.] right after the law “passed.” Everyone else I’ve talked with said theirs went up, too.  Is everyone else you know in the same company?
   This “law” is full of lies everywhere you look. We should hope our Supreme Court does the right thing and declares the whole thing unconstitutional.  Lies?  Everywhere you look?  Are you stupid?  If it was a lie, do you think the congress and senate would actually pass it?
   n Sheila Ford, Caldwell

Poor, poor insurance companies.  They have been gouging us for years.  Denying coverage at a whim.  Refusing coverage for others [preexisting conditions], etc.  And, of course your insurance coverage has increased.  You are paying for all those other people in your company and other companies who don't have insurance coverage.  And 8-years to get a drug on the market?  So what?  A manufactured pill probably costs a penny and they sell the damned thing for five dollars or more.  They make billions on their drug by selling it to us, then when the 12 year protections is up, they put it on the market with less strength and still make a bundle on it.  Who in the world feels sorry for drug companies?  Are you serious?  Ridiculous.\

Finally, I have actually read the law and there are no 'lies' in it.  People who cannot afford insurance can now get it.  And that's no lie!!

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