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Sunday, April 21, 2013

More Idiocy

Too much control, regulation destroys

How sad it is that we need to control people and regulate everything, because look at that those countries that do control people and you will see death and poverty.
These people suffer daily and cannot speak out against injustice and are tortured and executed. And why? Because they are controlled like cattle. 
The point I’m making is that we need less control, and instead enforce laws that we already have and work together by coming together with real solutions that work. 
The problems we suffer we can fix without control and regulations by working together, because people come to America to get away from control and to enjoy freedom. 
John Landers, Wilder

Here we go again. Ignorance is certainly bliss. Regulation kills freedom, kills people with death a poverty, et cetera, et cetera ad nauseum.

Sometimes I just wanna shake these people. We just went through one of the worst financial crisis of all time – save the Great Depression – and this guy wants to deregulate. What a fool. 

What we learned from many many crises over the years is that deregulation leads to massive fraud and, well, to a license to steal. Ponzi schemes abound in an unregulated government. People who have no morals or scruples take advantage of those that do. Take the telephone industry or the power companies in this country. Deregulated they would be able to charge you anything they want without a care cause, guess what, these utilities are absolutely necessary so you would have to pay what ever the crooks demanded.

Regulation does not impede your freedom, it enhances it. Without it, you, Mr. Landers, would be paying twice...three times what you already are paying for your essentials. Keep in mind that companies are out there TO MAKE MONEY. Their only objective is to enhance the bottom line, not your well being. Good God man have you not learned anything during this last crisis regarding the deregulation of our economy? You want to go back to that? You want to keep bailing out companies that are TOO BIG TO FAIL? If you do, then let's just deregulate everything. After all, big corporations are people, right? They have our best interests at heart.
Mr. Landers needs to educate himself regarding what's real economically and what's a fairy tale told to him by his friendly neighborhood corporation.

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