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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

More Crap

States may get to set own insurance exchanges
   HELENA, Mont. (AP) — The Obama administration said Tuesday that states that have not adopted their own insurance exchanges may get a second chance to avoid getting one run solely by the federal government.
   Only 11 states have fully embraced the idea of taking federal money to set up their own state-run insurance exchange, a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services official said Tuesday. The exchange, a key part of Obama’s health care overhaul, is designed to help 
uninsured people buy coverage from a choice of plans with federal tax credits.
   But states that have been slow to accept the idea, or outright rejected it in resistance to the law, will have another chance.
   U.S. Department of Health and Human Services officials told Montana legislators Tuesday that the agency is working on a new partnership model to let state agencies help run the exchange — perhaps without the need for legislative authorization.

Are we sure we want the State of Idaho running our Small Businessman's Health Care system?  Are we very, very sure?  They do such a good job at Health and Welfare.
Libyan rebels storm seat of Gadhaÿ’s power
   TRIPOLI, Libya (AP) — Hundreds of Libyan rebels stormed Moammar Gadhafi’s compound Tuesday, charging wildly through the symbolic heart of the crumbling regime as they killed loyalisttroops,lootedarmories and knocked the head off a statue of the besieged dictator. But they found no sign of the man himself.
   The storming of Bab al-Aziziya, long the nexus of 
Gadhafi’s power, marked the effective collapse of his 42-year-old regime. But with Gadhafi and his powerful sons still unaccounted for — and gunbattles flaring across the nervous city — the fighters cannot declare victory.
   The rebel force entered the compound after fighting for five hours with Gadhafi loyalists outside, using mortars, heavy machine 
guns and anti-aircraft guns. They beat and killed some of those who defended the compound and hauled away crates of weapons and trucks with guns mounted on the back in a frenzy of looting.
   “We’re looking for Gadhafi now. We have to find him now,” said Sohaib Nefati, a rebel sitting against a wall with a Kalashnikov rifle.

Good riddance to a power mad megalomaniac.  It's about time he got his comeuppance.

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