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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Catastrophe Government

So, what we have is a catastrophe run government.  Everything has to be an imminent catastrophe before the legislature acts.  I think the debt ceiling proves my point.  Let's make it a catastrophic situation before we act...that's what the people need...a wake-up call.  I think not.  I don't need to be under the gun to make a decision in my life.  Most logical people don't.  If a problem is looming, we deal with ASAP.  Not the government.  Just like a drug addict, who needs to nearly die to make a decision, our government is run the same way.  This is silly governance.

How Idaho’s representatives voted
   Rep. Raúl Labrador: No
   “While this bill has the potential to reduce the size of our budget and the trajectory of government spending, this bill doesn’t go far enough to make the changes necessary to get us out of our fiscal mess.
   “I promised my constituents that I would come to Congress to fundamentally change the way the federal government operates. While this legislation is a good first step toward that goal, it also relies on the time-honored Washington tradition of delegating problems to commissions instead of solving them ourselves. It places more confidence in its Super Commission than is warranted. The legislation also lacks a rock solid commitment to passage of a balanced budget amendment, which I believe is necessary to saving our nation.”
   Rep. Mike Simpson: Yes
   “Does this legislation solve all our problems? No, it does not, but we have to ask: Does it move us in the right direction? Does it begin fixing the enormous fiscal imbalance in our federal government? And does it bring some certainty to our markets?
   “It does. That’s why I supported it. ...
   “I could have chosen any number of reasons to oppose the bill, but in the end it puts us on a path to fixing our debt crisis and boosts our economy by preventing the possibility of a default and ensuring Social Security checks, active military paychecks and veterans’ benefits go out on time. It does all this without raising taxes.”

There ya have it.  You've got a TEA PARTY candidate voting no and the other voting yes on the debt ceiling raising.  Labrador...who will make an ass of himself mark my going to be a poor representation for our state.  He's a hard liner and will demonstrate it throughout his rein of terror.

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