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Friday, August 12, 2011

Mish Mash


What?  No, no, Mitt.  Corporations are not people, they are corporations...businesses.  Sometimes the money goes back to the people, sometimes it goes overseas, it sometimes goes back to themselves.  Corporations and people have different agendas.

Spokesman: Gov. Rick Perry running for president
   The Associated Press
   AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Texas Gov. Rick Perry is running for president, a spokesman confirmed Thursday, a move certain to shake up the race for the GOP nomination much to the delight of conservatives looking for a candidate to embrace.
   Perry spokesman Mark Miner said the governor would make his intentions known on Saturday while visiting South Carolina and New Hampshire, just as most of his presidential rivals compete in a test vote in Iowa.
   Official word of Perry’s entrance into the race came just hours before eight candidates, including GOP front-runner Mitt Romney, appeared on stage during a nationally televised debate.
   It wasn’t much of a surprise. The longest-serving governor in Texas history flirted with a presidential run since spring, and has spent the past few months courting Republicans in early voting states and laying the groundwork for a campaign. He met privately with potential donors from California to New York and gave rousing speeches to party faithful, casting himself as a fiscally responsible social conservative.
   His intentions became even clearer over the past few days when officials disclosed that he would visit an important trio of states, a campaign-like schedule timed to overshadow the debate and the Iowa straw poll and, perhaps, wreak havoc on a field led by Romney.

Haven't we had enough nutty Texas egoists?  This guy needs to hang it up.  Nobody's gonna vote for the bigot.
Washington should cut own spending, too
   Time for a math quiz.
   Congress said they cut spending by $2 trillion – over ten years. That means a cut of $200 billion per year.
   This administration has us in the hole by over $100 billion — per month. That means we are still overdrawn by over a trillion dollars – each year.
   Does anyone really wonder why the U.S. credit rating was downgraded? Does anyone wonder why the stock market is tanking?
   We as a nation are not fiscally responsible. The Republicans wanted to cut more and the Democrats wanted to cut less. What do you think we should do?
   How about cutting Congressional salaries by 20 percent now? How about congressional office budgets by 20 percent now?
   Do you know how much money it takes to run Nancy Pelosi’s office per year? Does it really take that much money to be in that office?
   How about the president can only travel for state funerals and signing 
peace treaties? That would save us billions per year.
   Let’s look at all the new programs that have been started in the last three years. Do we really need them?
   How about all those czars the president has appointed (without congressional approval). Are they all volunteer ? Are their staffs volunteer? Is their office space donated? Every little bit would help.
   I think it’s time we the people let the government know what we think about the way they are spending our money. Their taxes combined make up, what, maybe 1 percent of the taxes paid in this country.
   It’s time we got involved. Speak up
   n Wayne Butterÿeld, Nampa

You, sir, make sense.  I would only add, how 'bout investing $200 billion per year into the infrastructure of this country.  It's true the deficit is terrible, but so is this recession and joblessness situation in this country.  Fixing the infrastructure would put millions of Americans back to work too.

Go vegetarian, reduce risk of salmonella
   The recall of 36 million pounds of ground turkey by Cargill proves once again that our meat supply is not safe. The product has been linked to a nationwide outbreak of salmonella that killed one person and sickened 76 thus far.
   With $108 billion in annual sales, Cargill is the world’s largest meat processor.
   Salmonella bacteria are nurtured in the intestines of animals raised for food, and many strains are resistant to common antibiotics. The bacteria develop resistance through exposure to antibiotics used routinely to speed growth in these animals.
   As a first step, the Food and Drug Administration must ban the routine use of antibiotics in raising animals. The European Union has adopted such a ban in 2006. The World Health Organization has recommended a worldwide phase-out.
   But the ultimate solution to salmonella poisoning and a host of chronic killer diseases associated with meat consumption is to replace animal products in our diet with vegetables, fresh fruits, legumes and grains. These foods contain all the nutrients we require, without deadly 
pathogens, antibiotics, pesticides, carcinogens, cholesterol and saturated fats.
   I found the websites www.tryveg  . com and   most helpful in making the transition.
   n Gil Nieter, Boise

Did this guy forget the people who got sick from eating lettuce a few months ago?  I'm not giving up a good steak cause this fool says it might make me sick when what he proposes can do the same.  Idiot!

Blame Obama, not Bush, for economic woes
   President Obama, the Democrat party and their members of Congress have spent years blaming former President George W. Bush for the nation’s current economic woes, which is akin to blaming the bank’s tellers for a bank robbery, or for the dishonesty of their bosses, the bank’s executives who were looting the till.
   Nobody in the left-dominated media bothers to note that in the last years of the Bush presidency Democrats controlled the Congress and thus had a death grip on the nation’s economy, having complete control over the nation’s purse strings. They spent and spent and spent the yet-uncollected taxes of future generations — as well as our own — as if there were no tomorrow.
   It wasn’t a Bush Congress that jammed the incredible costs of Obamacare down the throats of the American people and their children and grandchildren — it was our spendthrift president and his allies on Capitol Hill doing their classic imitation of the legendary drunken sailors on shore leave.
   It’s simply common sense to understand that spending money one doesn’t have in the hopes that the future will provide the needed funds is something like believing that some beneficent tooth fairy will come up with the money in the future.
   Now the president and the national Democrat party have suddenly discovered 
a scapegoat for the latest economic mess they have thrust upon the American people. They insist that the credit-rating downgrade was the fault of the Tea Party trying to control the nation’s purse strings. I’m not kidding. They really expect us to swallow this whopper as the gospel truth.
   They expect us to ignore the fact that the millions of Tea Party members are simply Americans deeply and sincerely concerned about the nation’s economy and the tendency of the government to spend their hard-earned tax money on whatever scam strikes its fancy.
   It’s time to place the blame for our economic malaise where it belongs — on the shoulders of the Obama administration and the Democrats in Congress.
   Tea Party members have been the voice of reason, not the wild-eyed terrorists portrayed by the left’s crazy spin doctors.
   What would have averted the credit-rating downgrade and the subsequent turmoil in the markets? Precisely the spending cuts advocated by the Tea Party.
   According to a statement by Jenny Beth Martin, a co-founder and national coordinator of Tea Party Patriots, the debt-ceiling compromise was full of “accounting tricks and minor ‘cuts’ to spending.” She warns that these socalled cuts do not reduce our national 
debt. They are simply cuts to future deficit spending.
   Rather than prevent a crisis, the debt deal has “already cost us our AAA credit rating,” according to Martin.
   In addition, she explains that the Tea Party was the only organization pushing for the passage of the Full Faith and Credit Act, which would remove the threat of a national default.
   A couple of hundred years ago a band of American patriots demonstrated their contempt for a distant Parliament that imposed unjust taxation upon citizens, with no say in the matter, by dumping British-taxed tea in Boston Harbor. It was one of the acts of defiance that helped spark the American Revolution and created a new nation.
   Unlike the Boston tea party, today’s Tea Party membership is nationwide and composed of people from every nook and cranny in this vast nation, but they feel the same determination to display their anger at the depredations of an out-of-control national government that the Boston patriots showed toward a distant monarch who legend tells us could not speak a word of English, preferring instead his native German.
   It’s past time for a little tea dumping of our own — the bitter tea brewed by Barack Obama
   n Michael Reagan is the son of President Ronald Reagan, a political consultant, and the author of “The New Reagan Revolution” (St. Martin’s Press, 2011). He is the founder and chairman ofThe Reagan Group and president of The Reagan Legacy Foundation.Visit his website at  , or e-mail comments  .
Michael Reagan
Could this guy be biased.  It would figure that Reagans kid would blame the Dems for the problems economically we face today.  It wasn't enough that his daddy's Reagonmics "Trickle Down" economics began this slide into trillion dollar deficit.  Sorry Mike, you got it wrong.  Obama's not to blame.  The Dems are the only party that has balanced a budget in decades.  It never happens with the Reps, in fact, the country always loses economically when Reps are running it.

PHOOIE!  What trash.  This is what went on during the debates in 2008 prior to the election and has continued since.  The Congress, primarily the Reps in Congress, are the reason we are in this pickle.  The party of NO is the reason we have lost our AAA rating.  Their obstructionism has cost us dearly m'friends.  My recommendation is to run all the Reps out and let's get this country back on track.

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