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Thursday, October 6, 2011

   Protesters gather on the front steps of the Idaho Capitol in Boise on Wednesday. The group, Occupy Boise, organized the demonstration against corporate America to show solidarity with protests that started last month outside the New York Stock Exchange.

Protesters ‘occupy’ Boise
Local demonstrators show solidarity with Wall Street rally
   The Associated Press
   BOISE — You don’t have to live in New York to be fed up with Wall Street. So says an Idaho group that protested against corporate America in Boise on Wednesday to show solidarity with demonstrations that started last month outside the New York Stock Exchange.
   More than 300 people withstood an afternoon downpour and joined the outdoor protest organized by the group Occupy Boise, which is calling for an end of corporate control of government. The group marched to the Idaho Capitol holding signs that read “End the Fed” and “Restore America to its People” while chanting “we are the 99 percent” — in contrast to the wealthiest 1 percent of Americans.
   “I am frustrated with what’s going on in Washington. I’m tired that they can’t get along and learn to agree on something instead of wanting their agenda first, not thinking about the people,” said Judy Taylor, a 69-yearold retired property manager.
   “I want change. I’m tired of things 
being taken away from those that need help,” said Taylor, who lives on Medicare and Social Security disability payments. She said that after her medical bills are paid, she has about $6,500 to live each year.
   “It’s very difficult,” she said.
   For Camille Kirkpatrick, a frustrating 
job search prompted her to join the demonstration. The recent college graduate said she has applied for two jobs every week for the past several months, as part of her requirements for receiving unemployment benefits.
   “I’m getting no calls back from anyone, like pizza places, restaurants,” said Kirkpatrick, 28.
   The initial protests in New York, called Occupy Wall Street, started Sept. 17 and have since spread to other cities.
   “I think there’s a general feeling in this county that things aren’t working,” said Tom Kershaw, a 30-yearold freelance writer and student at Boise State University who serves as a spokesman for Occupy Boise.
   The Occupy Wall Street protests have spread this week to Los Angeles, Chicago and other cities. Protesters have spoken out about the lack of jobs, blaming President Barack Obama and members of Congress, while also criticizing corporate lobbyists and employers. 
what they say is greed.
   Kershaw joined Occupy Boise about a week ago and said the group has since grown from about 150 people to about 1,900 supporters who watched the protests unfold in New York and other cities and wanted 
But they have reserved most of their criticism for Wall Street, fighting against to be part of it, he said.
   “I have a mortgage, a child. I’m just a regular guy,” Kershaw said. “I think there are a lot of assumptions going around that we’re being monopolized by the movement, by professional activists.”
   Occupy Boise said Wednesday’s protests in Idaho’s capital city would be the first of many public events organized by the group based in southwestern Idaho. A similar protest was planned Wednesday in the city of Moscow.

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