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Wednesday, October 12, 2011


1,597 welfare applicants decline drug test in Fla.
   MIAMI (AP) — State figures show that hundreds of welfare applicants in Florida have declined to take drug tests that have been required for the assistance since mid-July.
   Thirty-two applicants failed the test, 7,028 passed and 1,597 didn’t take it, according figures released Tuesday the Department of Children and Families. People who decline to take the test aren’t required to explain.
   Proponents of the law have suggested applicants would be deterred because they knew they would test 
positive. Critics say applicants may not have taken the test because they couldn’t afford the fee that can be as much as $35 or didn’t have easy access to a testing facility.

Read the yellow copy carefully.  Do you realize .0045 Percent failed out of over seven thousand applicants.  And they say the majority of welfare people use their welfare money for drugs.  This whole witch hunt is bogus.  It's just another way the Government can keep track of people and their bad habits.  Let's face it a few...a very few people on welfare use drugs, probably about the same as the people in the general population.  Do we really need another 'bureau' to check out druggies in welfare lines?  Come on people, this is ridiculous.

I noticed today in the paper that Florida's welfare folks were asked to take a drug test before receiving benefits.  There were over 7000 people who took the test and only 32 showed up positive.  Do we really think the drug addicts are just hanging around collecting their 'dole' money and shooting up with all that cash?  Oh, I forgot, 1600 refused to take the test.  My question is, were they actually taking drugs, or were they just outraged by the whole process?

I can hear it all right now.  Yessir ol' Johnny, 22 percent of those hold-outs were completely drugged out and that's why they didn't take the test...yessir, that's the truth.  Personally, I doubt that.  I believe most of 22% simply were angry about the whole process.

Here's another thought.  Medicare recipients are on welfare.  What if the Fed said they had to get a drug test before they could receive benefits?  That would mean all those folks who take pain meds could possibly turned down for those medicare benefits.  Oh, and the medical marijuana folks...just forget it.

I'm against government singling out one segment of the population and saying they don't deserve the same benefits that all the rest of us are privy to.  Florida's testing position is a witch hunt and in all likelihood is unconstitutional.  In order to be fair, the government of Florida should withhold ALL benefits from ALL recipients.  They shouldn't be able to pick and choose.
Senate Republicans shut down Obama jobs bill!
Son of a Mitch McConnel and his bunch of loonies are against getting Americans back to work.  The shot down the President's Jobs Bill.  God, if not before, NOW I would never vote Republican.  You couldn't give me enough incentive to do so.  I really hate those bastards.
Those who say Obama is a weak president need to shut their faces.  He isn't weak, his congress is weak and probably corrupt.  The President would put this nation on the right road, but the Republicans keep derailing his programs.  They would probably vote no if the President had a bill praising our soldiers overseas.  They are that tiny.  I'm totally disgusted with them.

You would think the Reps could get behind jobs.  If anything, JOBS.  What assholes.

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