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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Let’s fight to restore Constitution, law
   Once we were a beacon of hope for all nations, but now that hope seems all but faded. What used to be a country of vision and harmony is being destroyed from within. It is no longer the nation our forefathers envisioned. Today, government seeks for ever more power as it tramples its own oaths to protect our Constitution.
   Our Supreme Creator gave man certain inalienable rights to life, liberty and property. With these ideas in mind, government was formed principally to protect those rights.  [L, L, and Pursuit of Happiness and this is not the constitution this is the Preamble to the Constitution]
   However, it is clear that evil or ignorant men have conspired to take away those rights and replace them with their own. Instead of protecting our rights, presidents, governors and their executive branches, with their two stooges (legislative and judicial branches), mayors and councils have exchanged the people’s rights with endless laws and regulations all designed to place you and I under their control.  [Ah, here's the real person.  He's an anarchist.  He would like the country to live by people's 'good will.'  What an idiot.  What society can live together without malleable laws and rules.  What was good for this country in 1890 might not be good for this country in 1990.  That's why the Constitution is purposely vague and there are 'amendments' to it.  Amendments clarify what the legislators meant.  This guy would have all amendments stricken and we go back to a 1775 constitution.]
   Without the Constitution and Bill of Rights, one never knows which laws will be enforced, changed by decree, regulation or ignored by government. We are no longer free to make our own choices lest we run afoul of some government agency. Yet these tyrants have purposely excluded themselves of any responsibility for their own actions. [Yes these 'tyrants' exclude themselves.  That's why we have Judicial Branch of government to punish these very 'tyrants.'  It does that with vigor when they overstep their legalities.]

   We no longer have a standard from which our laws are formulated. Law has become whatever a judge or regulator so decides, regardless of any moral or ethical issues. So we tax the rich, allow abortions as choice, kill thousands of innocent civilians in conflicts we deem “in our best interests” by executive decree and spread something we shouldn’t even want forourselves — democracy.  [Phooie!  This is a Right-Wing John Bircher from the get-go.  Thank God we don't have to pay attention to him.  He needs a little black mustache and a  swastika.  He really doesn't care about the Constitution, he cares about that which he cares about; a rule-less society that runs by a set of laws based on the Bible's 12 Commandments.  Or an eye-for-an-eye philosophy of government.  He's a throw-back from a society that died back in the Feudalistic Dark Ages.  Pay no attention.]
   If you agree, let us fight together to restore our Constitution and bring our state and nation back under the “rule of law.” Please contact me and/or visit my websites, www.  , www.Ipoimedia  . com or [Tom and his ilk have big guns in the basement and a big stock of food.  They are waiting for the Apocalypse with glee so they can assert their wills on us.  Guys like this are dangerous when in power.]
   Tom Munds, Caldwell

Billionaires should pay more taxes
   Several months ago I was watching Charlie Rose on PBS. He had on a billionaire guy (not Warren Buffet), and he said that he thought that billionaires like himself were undertaxed. He said that he thought all billionaires should be taxed 15 percent of their billions right now. He said, and those were his numbers, he said it would raise $4 trillion right now.
   We have billionaires coming out of the woodwork claiming they aren’t taxed enough. And we have Congress screaming that you can’t tax poor billionaires. What a load of BS.
   Congressman Labrador wants to cut Social Security. Each SS family averages $13,000 a year. Mr. Labrador makes $154,000 a year and can’t make it on that, so he hires his wife to work for him. If $13,000 is too much money, how much should they make, Mr. Congressman?
   My motto is “How does it affect the poorest of the poor?” What’s yours? Grind the face of the poor and let the billionaires skate?
   n Lyle Nelson, Nampa

Good on ya Lyle.  More people need to hear what you have to say.  Keep it up.

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