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Friday, January 6, 2012

Stuff Again

What they don't tell you is the Bushes were famous for this.  Dubya did it many times and Reagan did it 31 times.  Obama's done it once.
I see the smokers in Boise are all riled up regarding the smoking downtown ban.  As a reformed smoker, I understand the ban, but I also understand the smoker's point.  Smoking is not illegal and should not be banned from the street.  The street and sidewalks are not businesses and therefore cannot be 'owned' by people and smokers should have the right to smoke on them.

I do not like second hand smoke.  It's yucky.  Probably not good for me.  So I choose to not be where smokers are habituating.  However, I do recognize they have the same rights as I do.

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