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Monday, January 9, 2012

Wolves Again

Wolf arrival sparks renewed debate in central Oregon
   BEND, Ore. (AP) — As wolves spread into Central Oregon, advocates and opponents continue to debate their value. Some say the animals, eradicated from the state decades ago, will help bring the ecosystem into better balance. Others argue the predators were eliminated for good reason.
   Since wolves wandered into Oregon from Idaho in 2008, the state has spent about $800,000 to manage them, according to an Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife report. That sum will grow by at least a half million dollars over the next couple of years, and the spending could escalate as the number of wolves roaming the state continues to grow.
   For wolf supporters, having the animals back in the state’s biological fold justifies such costs. For critics, the expenses come in addition to the damage they say the animals are doing to the state’s livestock and wildlife.
   In evaluating the benefit of wolves in an ecosystem, Bill Ripple, a professor of forest ecosystems and society at Oregon State University, is focusing on streamside plants in Yellowstone National Park. There are about 100 wolves in the park and, as in Idaho, they’ve been back for a decade and a half.
   “Yellowstone seems like a different place than it was before wolves returned in 1995,” he said.

Yup, here I go again.  This guy says the Yellowstone Park seems like a different place than before wolves.  Indeed.  There are few elk, deer and bison.  If you see elk in Yellowstone, you got real good eyes cause they spend their time in the timber and don't feed in the meadows where they are sought out by those cute furry wolves.  Oregon, just wait.  Washington, Just wait.  And now California, just wait.  They ain't so cute when they are tearing into a herd of sheep or cattle...or elk calves and deer fawns.  Wait till they run out of their prey and start chewing on Spot and Bowser and Le Kitty Cat.  They ain't cute no more, no sir.

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