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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Stuff To Ponder

Petersen worth every penny of new contract
Lofty success of BSU football program has helped school academically and benefits community economically, and coach has done it with dignity and class
   Boise State University football coach Chris Petersen led the Broncos to a 56-24 thumping of Arizona State on Dec. 23 in the MAACO Bowl played in Las Vegas — the gambling capital of the U.S. But it wasn’t until he returned to Idaho that he really hit the jackpot.  And, the thing that made me happiest????  The dismantling the team that Denis Erickson built.  He was a bad coach and a deserter.  He left Idaho U out in the cold when he got the next offer.  Denis was in it for the money...that's all.  Bye, bye to that guy.
   The coach, who finished his sixth season, signed a five-year contract that will pay him $2 million next year and increase to $2.8 million in 2016. He received $500,000 in his first year, and his pay for the 2012 season will be higher than that of 30 other BCSconference coaches and make him 33rd-highest in the nation.  This guy's worth it.  Look at the national exposure he's brought to our university.
   Yes, that’s a lot of money to pay a man coaching a sport at a school the size of Boise State. And he’s worth every penny.
   There will be detractors who question continued raises for a football coach at the same time the school is jacking up its tuition and dropping less-popular classes. Parents faced with rising expenses could be tempted to ask why that money couldn’t go to help make college more affordable for students not fortunate enough to get scholarship help. And, they might argue, producing engineering and medical graduates does far more to benefit society than producing a good football program.
   But there’s more to it than that. Merchandise sales of Boise State gear — shirts, car flags, jerseys, caps, bumper stickers — have soared across the country. The Broncos rank 38th in the nation in merchandise royalties, higher than the universities of Maryland and Virginia, two Atlantic Coast Conference schools. Much of that can be attributed to the success of the football program, and it brings in money to the school that benefits academics — not to mention retailers, wholesalers and the economy in general.
   Still, the university needs to ensure the money is being used to benefit academics.
   And taxpayers aren’t on the hook for the raise. Most of that money will come from boosters and revenue generated by the athletics department.
   Petersen also does the state proud by doing things the right way. In the past two years, only Stanford University has finished higher in the “Academic BCS.” His players are active in the community, and the coach doesn’t tolerate self-glorification on the field. Just ask Austin Pettis, the receiver who did a back flip while scoring a touchdown in the first quarter against Wyoming two seasons ago and was benched for the final three quarters because of it. The coach also donates some of his own money to academic programs.
   Petersen has taken BSU football to a level once thought impossible. Storied programs like UCLA and Penn State have tried to lure him away. There are no guarantees, but for all he has done — and for all the potential he brings — it’s money well spent.
   n Our view is based on the majority opinions of the Idaho Press-Tribune editorial board. Members of the board are Publisher Matt Davison, Managing Editor Vickie Holbrook and community members Tim Vandeventer and Sandi Levi, all of Nampa; Opinion Editor Phil Bridges and community member John Blaisdell of Caldwell, and Alex Zamora of Wilder.


GOP wants all to have chance to achieve a lot
   Rep. Raul Labrador is defending ordinary Americans. We want to make our own decisions.
   We don’t want government telling us we must buy health insurance or pay a fine, while imposing new, high insurance costs on employers, reducing the number of people they hire.
   We taxpayers don’t want to be stuck with the bill for governmentguaranteed loans to solar and wind companies like Solyndra when they go bankrupt.
   Democrats like Larry Grant like to take advantage of people’s natural tendency to be jealous of “millionaires and billionaires,” but according to our tax man, if we had put the Social Security money that was confiscated from my check in an average investment fund, we’d have $94,000 rather than the measly “Social Security” being doled out to us. If we could all decide 
for ourselves, how much richer we could all be.
   Labrador voted against the Democrats’ stingy two-month extension of the 2 percent Social Security tax reduction because Labrador wanted the full-year extension proposed by the Republicans.
   If you pay attention, you’ll see that it’s the Democrats who only want to “give” the people a little bit. Republicans want everyone to have opportunity to achieve a lot!
   n Darryl Ford, Caldwell

OMG.  Darryl's another one of THOSE.  Republicans want us lowly citizens to have the same advantages as good ol' Raul Labrador.  Making those poor li'l ol' businesses having to pay out a portion of the employee's health care premiums.  Oh, and let's not forget, those dirty Dems want to loan money to those dollar grubbing solar companies who are trying to get us off the Arabian Oil Teet.  And, ol' Larry Grant is 'jealous' of them there millionaires...Bullshit.  Larry's against millionaires not paying their fair share.  Don'cha just hate him?  This guy's got his head up know what.

Our elected officials deserve special perks
   During the past week the Honorable Ron Crane has been given prominence on the front page and editorial pages, as I recall, several times. All opinions seemed to be from the same side of the aisle.
   There was a time in the thrilling days of yesteryear when a man was presumed innocent until proven guilty. Even in politics.
   I have known Mr. Crane for over a quarter-century and have found him to be a man of honor, integrity and congeniality. He is friendly, truthful and honest and undeserving of the negative supposition that has been coming forward against 
   Could it be possible that an opinion in his defense would be given the same exposure as opinions to the contrary? I pray so.
   I was struck with the comic strip in yesterday’s paper of Dilbert. He was given a promotion but when asked if the increased responsibility brought any perks, he was told to lose weight and it would seem as if he had been given a more spacious office.
   Any elected office should offer some perks above the average government employee.
   n Bernard Dawson, Caldwell

But, don't you realize Bernard, that's the problem in Washington right's called graft and corruption because those legislators feel entitled to their 'perks.'  And those perks have a tendency to get way out of hand.
Okay, I gotta say something about African Americans.

I don't think I'm a bigot, however, I get the shivers every time I think about talking about these Americans.  I don't feel that way about our Asian or Latino American folks.  But with the AA's, well it makes me nervous to speak at all about these folks.

Can I call 'em black, negro, or anything else without them coming unglued?  Nope.  They get all angry and uptight and they call me a bigoted cracker.  So, I just don't talk about 'em at all.  Cause what's the use, they'll just take what I say and mean wrong.

AA's, I do not hate, or think you are less-than me, why do you constantly accuse me of bigotry when I mean you no harm.  Do you not realize your attitudes are killing your cause.  A lot of Americans feel just like I do.  And when they do, they revert to stereotyping the whole race and that is bigotry brought on by bigotry.  You belittle us 'whities', then expect us to 'respect' you...we don't.  You laugh behind our backs and say 'youse don' get it.' ... We do and we resent you.

When it comes to racism, you get back in kind and intensity that which you give out!  IF you want me to respect you...then YOU respect me...

I'm just sayin....

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