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Wednesday, January 2, 2013


House: ‘Yes’ to Fiscal Cliff Bill

Obama lauds agreement that avoids spending cuts, tax hikes for most Americans


He spoke with Vice President Joe Biden at his side, a recognition of the former senator’s role as the lead Democratic negotiator in final compromise talks with Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky.    In addition to neutralizing middle class tax increases and spending cuts taking effect with the new year, the legislation will raise tax rates on incomes over $400,000 for individuals and $450,000 for couples. That was higher than the thresholds of $200,000 and $250,000 that Obama campaigned for. But remarkably, in a party that swore off tax increases two decades ago, dozens of Republicans supported the bill at both ends of the Capitol.

Of course we are happy an agreement was reached!  That's a given.  However, why wait till the last minute?  Why let the American Public sweat it out?  What the hell's going on in congress nowadays?

Well, first off, Congress is broken.  They simply cannot get anything done.  The Republicans, of course, are to blame.  They cannot even agree among themselves on what to do with our economy.  I really don't think any of them understand what makes a country economically sound.  They, the Republicans, believe that tax cuts will stimulate the economy.  What bosh!  Tax cuts never stimulated anything.

Let me try this one more time.  You make $1000.00 per month.  I'm your boss and I cut your wages by say...10%.  Now you make $900.00 per month.  Does this stimulate you to go out and buy a damned thing?  Of course not.  But that's what the Republicans want you to believe.  They actually want you to believe that cutting spending in the government will help the economy and lower the national does just the OPPOSITE forgodsake.

Let's say you cut Medicare or Medicaid or Unemployment.  What would that do?  First off, a whole bunch of people would be out of work and would apply for unemployment which of course has been cut.  How on earth will that stimulate the economy?  Putting people out of work and not paying them unemployment will put this country back into a recession or worse.

I can't get this through the Republicans heads.  They just don't believe simple math.  1-1 = 0.  Is that so difficult?  You cannot take away and then say you've profited.  It just doesn't jibe.

I get so discouraged!

I just get through with this rant and then see how Republican Raul Labrador voted: NO.  And here is is logic, see if you can follow it.  I'll drop in every so often to clarify.

U.S. Rep. Raul Labrador: NO

“Like I have been saying for months, bills that pass during lame duck sessions are not good for the country. This was a difficult vote, but as far as I am concerned the Biden-McConnell deal is worse than no deal at all. It temporarily ends the debate but does nothing to solve the problems that our country faces—in fact, it is a perfect example of why our country is $16 trillion in debt. Poor Raul, he forgets that the reason we are 16 trillion in debt comes from the Bush era economic policies.  President Obama has actually cut the debt down since he's been in office.  Raul, of course, doesn't know that because he's too busy being an ass.  The deal does nothing to address out of control spending and delays the only meaningful cuts Congress has been able to pass in the last two years. The Fiscal Cliff deal has nothing to do with spending, it has to do with taxation.  Again, poor ol' Raul forgets what the REAL deal is all about.  Raul lives in the land of Oz.

The president campaigned on a promise of a balanced approach — $2.50 in spending cuts for every dollar of tax increases. Today's deal does not even accomplish that goal.  The President said he would do the cuts, but not at this time.  He and his staff had to look at the proposals before doing anything.  The problems that have brought us to the edge of this ‘fiscal cliff’ can never be fixed with revenues alone. Both parties must rein in out-of-control spending. Today, I’m not sure either party is serious about reducing our debt and deficits.  Everyone is concerned with the debt, Raul.  You just don't understand that fact.  You blithely go about your little congressional duties -- which aren't many cause you are a freshman congressman and have absolutely no power or influence.  The problem sits on your parties shoulders.  You are the do-nothing bassars on the Belt Way and everybody knows it.

Families across the country have had to learn how to do more with less but Washington has not been willing to do the same. Both parties and the president need to put partisan politics and tactics aside and actually make meaningful decisions that will fix our fiscal mess.”  Ah, the Land of Oz.  It must be wonderful up there and not even close to Kansas.  Try clicking your heels, Raul, maybe you can come back to earth.  This fiscal mess is due to congressional inaction.  We would have been way farther along if you would have helped the president his first 4 years.  Instead you filibustered figuring Obama would be a one term-er.  Well more fool you.  The American Public voted you boys down now live with it and do what the president says you should.  He has the mandate you and the Republican cronies do not.  Help mister Labrador and stop you bitching and moaning.  Work to make this economy better and get over yourself.  Cuts will not stimulate the economy right now.  Maybe later, but right now it's time to spend.  It's time to do infrastructure.  It's time to put people to work, not cut programs and put them out on the street...that's simply INSANE.

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