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Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Labrador willing to stand on principle

Does it seem odd to any of you that our U.S. congressmen were only given six minutes to read this “Fiscal Cliff” bill before they were asked to vote on it? There was no time to debate the law or even read it! Are you kidding Leiann, 6 minutes? They were arguing this thing for months. Where have you been living, under a rock?
Common sense has been replaced by a president who thrives on operating in continual crisis mode! That's it, remind us how really crisis mode this president is. Check out the do-nothing-congress of the past 4 years. That's what creates crisis. People who sit on their hands and do nothing, while others do the work. That's who you should be mad at, not President Obama.

Are we the citizens of the United States so foolish that we buy into this ploy of big government expansion and ever-increasing spending as our only option?

Is it logical for us regular people to increase our spending when we are faced with difficult financial decisions in our personal lives and in our businesses?

Those with personal integrity do not rush in and blindly respond with knee-jerk reactions. Sensible people take a look at their situation and are willing to make tough choices. They are able to do hard things to get themselves back on track financially. This often involves sacrifice and self-discipline. Sacrifice and self-discipline? Okay, Leiann, let's just cut out your salary for the next year so we can pay back the national debt...a debt, by the way, that is owed to you by the federal government because they've been investing in wars overseas. That's what's caused this crisis. We've got ourselves in debt fighting 'Bush Wars' AND Reagan's Cold War for the past 20 years, and before that Nixon's Vietnam War, one of which was one big phoney...there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and the Vietnam war was illegal. Obama got us out of Iraq and is getting us out of Afghanistan. That'll cure a whole bunch of our spending problems. How come, Leiann, is that every time you folks talk about self-discipline and self-sacrifice, it's always the poor and disenfranchised that pay the price?
As a nation, we have had a major financial problem long before 2013 arrived.
I would like to thank Congressman Raul Labrador for being willing to see the bigger picture of our country’s problems. He voted with integrity and with the strength of character that we value here in Idaho. Mr. Labrador is willing to vote on principle and not waver because of what may be considered unpopular. Raul is a fool, Leiann. He voted like a fool. This guy is a junior legislator and he voted against his party. It could be the end of his political career or it could mean that he will be lauded in the end, but either way, he has probably made some enemies and at this stage of his career, this is a bad move. The Beltway has a tendency not to forgive or forget so-called political rebels and though it might seem heroic to you that he voted no when his whole party voted yes, he may have stepped off the political cliff into ignominy.
I certainly don’t want my taxes to go up! I am more concerned, however, with our fiscal responsibility as a nation going down.

We face many challenges ahead of us. I stand with Mr. Raul Labrador and his vote! We can do hard things. Well la-de-da to you Ms. Snyder. You can do hard things. Some people out there have been doing 'hard things' for years without relief. They have been struggling to make ends meet with their SS checks and food stamps. Of course, you and your ilk would say they are sucking on the government's teat and they need to be cut off and pull themselves up by their bootstraps...even though they don't have any boots or straps. These people are so poor they can't and don't pay taxes. But you would cut them off from their 'freebees'. Cause you are the know-er of right and wrong. You know what SHOULD be done cause you have so much experience being well-to-do. I hear people like you every day talking about how the succubus poor are draining this country dry and they are the cause of the financial mess we are in. You are so misguided it's laughable. The reason we are in the financial mess we are in is because of folks like you who think they have the answers to this nation's problems. You, don't even know the questions, but you have the answers: Self-discipline and Self-sacrifice. What rot. You, my dear, need to do a bit more research about America's condition before you write stuff in the paper.
Leiann Snyder, Nampa

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