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Friday, January 25, 2013


So now we've got this idiot.

North Korea warns of nuke test, more rocket launches

By HYUNG-JIN KIM    The Associated Press 
SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea’s top governing body warned Thursday that the regime will conduct its third nuclear test in defiance of U.N. punishment, and made clear that its long-range rockets are designed to carry not only satellites but also warheads aimed at striking the United States.     

The National Defense Commission, headed by the country’s young leader, Kim Jong Un, denounced Tuesday’s U.N. Security Council resolution condemning North Korea’s long-range rocket launch in December as a banned missile activity and expanding sanctions against the regime. The commission reaffirmed in its declaration that the launch was a peaceful bid to send a satellite into space, but also clearly indicated the country’s rocket launches have a military purpose: to strike and attack the United States.

This is a case of "little Big-Man" disease.  Let me explain.

On the school yard you have a bully -- you always have a bully.  And the bully is a "little Big-Man."  Generally, he's a coward with a big mouth and/or a big stick and/or a bunch of sycophants who back his play.  Get him alone and threaten him and he becomes the "little man" quite quickly.

Kim Jong Un is that man.  He grew up privileged and got his way with any and everything he wanted.  Now he thinks his tiny country can actually attack the UNITED STATE OF AMERICA and get away with it because his Asian pals will back his play.  What Un doesn't realize is this world is much different than the world of his daddy and his country's understanding.  This world is about cooperation between super powers.  We all know we can annihilate each other and so, we draw lines and say we won't cross 'em willy-nilly.  Un doesn't realize his saber rattling will only cause him grief.  If he doesn't stop it, the major Asian powers will dump him like a hot potato and his countrymen will pay the price in economic suffering more so than they already do.

That's the flaw in Un's thinking.  And it will be his undoing. 

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