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Monday, May 27, 2013


Some of you might remember that I said Obamacare would actually be cheaper than trying to get insurance on your own, or even through your employer.  When I said that on one of the Right-Wing Blogs, I was laughed at, sworn at, and called a Commie/Socialist Radical Progressive [as if name calling could change facts].  Well, read on dear followers:

This is from Forbes Magazine: Forbes, by the way, is a conservative magazine.

“The Congressional Budget Office predicted back in November 2009 that a medium-cost plan on the health exchange – known as a “silver plan” – would have an annual premium of  $5,200. A separate report from actuarial firm Milliman projected that, in California, the average silver plan would have a $450 monthly premium.”

The actual costs?

Kliff continues, “On average, the most affordable “silver plan” – which covers 70 percent of the average subscriber’s medical costs – comes with a $276 monthly premium. For the 2.6 million Californians who will receive federal subsidies, the price is a good deal less expensive…”

As you can see, the actuaries missed by a huge percentage.

There is a moral to this story for those open to receive the message.

If you are among the many Americans who have bought into the fear and loathing that has been the campaign against Obamacare, you just might wish to reconsider. With every passing day, the various myths, legends and lies put forward by those with a political axe to grind, TV or radio rating to be raised or vote to be purchased, are falling victim to the facts.
Of course, if you continue to find it more useful to hate the Affordable Care Act than to recognize the benefit of what this program offers to you and your family, nothing I can say is likely to change your mind.

But, accept it or not, the reality is that the early report card on Obamacare—at least in those states willing to give the law a chance to succeed—is looking pretty darn good. So good, in fact, that the data reveals that even a supporter such as myself was off the mark when predicting significantly higher rates for the youngest among us.

This is one time that I could not be happier to be proven wrong.

There are a whole bunch more things said about Obama that are simply myths or blatantly false.  Don't believe what you are being fed by the far rightwingnuts.  Or that I'll-Say-Anything-They-Tell-Me-To-Say TV Network whose letters start with an F and end with an X.

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