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Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Here's a guy who doesn't understand the phrase 'across the board cuts.'  That's what sequestration was all about.  Cutting services evenly and across all areas of government, i.e., across the board.  Listen to this fool...

Obama could have kept up White House tours

   Harry Truman was noted for the sign on his desk, “The buck stops here.” President Obama needs to have a sign that reads, “The buck never gets here.”     

He continues to blame the White House tour cancellations on the Secret Service lack of funds due to sequestration. The tours cost about $74,000 per week, according to the Secret Service. We don’t know what that pays for, since much of the tour functions are done by volunteers.    

It is not possible to believe that if the president of these United States wanted the tours to continue, they wouldn’t have been funded. He was offered a bill to allow departments to handle sequestration. He chose instead to lead in the attempt to make the cuts as frustrating to the public as possible.    

It would take about $1.2 million to fund the tours for 16 weeks during he student tour season. Continuing the tours would have cost less than 1 percent of the annual White House budget of $1.4 billion.    

If your children’s tour has been canceled, make sure that you tell them it is the Obamas that have cancelled tours, not the Secret Service.    Jim Goeppner, Nampa 
Sorry Jimmy, but ya just don't get it.  Check it out with some of your Tea Party buds.  Maybe they can enlighten ya.  Better yet, call your local senator or congressman cause they are to blame for this idiocy.  [Idaho = all Republican legislators] 

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