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Friday, May 24, 2013


The IRS, golf, big pensions and welfare

   We all now know more about how the Washington White House cronies are once again protecting the liberal liars at the IRS and targeting certain groups — maybe you!

     The IRS is legal organized crime spearheaded, controlled and directed by the horribly incompetent, relentless, nihilistic community organizer himself. Avarice abounds with this administration of obliquity as the anointed one continues on his quest for creating a Marxist/ Muslim state, much like the family who raised and taught him the fundamentals of communism and Islam like his parents and grandparents did.

     Swimming in an endless sea of red ink at $17 trillion and counting, he golfs more than he leads the country. He plays golf more than any president!     

A Democratic teacher (liberal voter) in the L.A. school district recently retired after 27 years and will struggle by trying to make do on $118,386 a year retirement — for life. That’s nearly 10 grand a month!

     When you’re standing in the “line of desperation” at a 7-11, looking at the tattoos, dirty-clothed, never-worked-a-day-in-their-life people buying milk, cigarettes and beer for the kids, using food stamps, welfare money for $200 cash back for drug money, driving with no license and using a fake ID, not a legal citizen and smelling like marijuana, ask yourself this: did this voter vote Democrat or Republican? This is not a conservative Republican, folks! Liberals, stop your stupidity!

     Oh, I almost forgot, the school teacher who retired with $118,386 a year “pension?” Included is free health insurance for life also! Free — from conservative wage earners (taxpayers). Our money Conservatives work and pay for the lines at 7-11.

     Beer for kids ? Sure, beer is made with malt (powdered milk) hops, barley, oats, wheat — veggies!    Dano Savino, Nampa 

Sometimes it's difficult to know where to start with conspiracy nuts. But let me try. Dano Savino in IPT made so many false statements in such a short period of time it was simply mind boggling.

  1. The White House protecting “liberal liars” at the IRS. What? I didn't know Liberals ran the IRS. I thought these folks were hired. Has something changed? Am I confused? The fact is, there is probably more conservatives in the IRS than liberals. If there are more liberals in the IRS, could it be that more Liberals sign up for service-type jobs than conservatives? Hmmm.
  2. Again, the President is a Marxist/Muslim who was born a non-American. Come on Dano. Here's a guy who was born in Hawaii [birth certificate has been produced despite the Arizona cop's idiocy] and is no more a Marxist than Abraham Lincoln – who, by the way was accused of much worse than being a Marxist or a Muslim, check your history books. You might get away with Socialist...but never Marxist. And, Muslims. Can you name five Muslims you know personally or are you just a homophobe in general? I assume what you really don't like is Jihadists, cause Muslims don't like 'em either.
  3. Golf: President Eisenhower wins the honor of the one who played the most golf. The Conservative President played 800 rounds of golf in his time at the White House or to better understand it, 100 rounds per year of his presidency. Obama isn't even close to that honor. Oh, and the Red Ink thing? I'll give you that, but with this amendment, Obama didn't start the debt, he inherited it and he has added to it. If you would like a lesson in economics, I could explain why that was necessary, but I doubt you'd understand the explanation, so I won't try.
  4. California Teacher retires with $118,386 per year benefit. First note that the average annual salary in 2010 for active working educators enrolled in the system was $64,156. The next table states that the average retirement benefit paid out in 2010 was $4,256 per month. That’s $51,072 annually. In other words, the average retired teacher in California made more than the average working teacher in 28 states, according to the salary rankings published by NEA. But they DO NOT MAKE MORE THAN THEY EARN IN RETIREMENT BENEFITS. That's ridiculous.
  5. Dano Savino: “When you’re standing in the “line of desperation” at a 7-11, looking at the tattoos, dirty-clothed, never-worked-a-day-in-their-life people buying milk, cigarettes and beer for the kids, using food stamps, welfare money for $200 cash back for drug money, driving with no license and using a fake ID, not a legal citizen and smelling like marijuana, ask yourself this: did this voter vote Democrat or Republican? This is not a conservative Republican, folks! Liberals, stop your stupidity!” You know, I bet ol' Dano calls himself a Christian. Believes in the good ol' 'Love Thy Neighbor' and 'The Golden Rule.' Here's one for ya, Dano, the people you are putting down are the very people Jesus preached to. He didn't have time for you or the Pharisees who already had all the answers but didn't understand the basic humanity questions. Where's your heart, Dano? Did you leave it in your 4X4 pickup truck with the Winchester in the rear window and has the 'Cold Dead Hand' holding an AK47 slapped on the bumper? You call Obama a, my friend resemble a Facist...remember them? Are you a Facist, Dano?
  7. You might be a Fascist if...
  8. You are obsessed with national power and pride and believe your country doesn’t have to follow the rules and shouldn’t ever apologize for doing things that are wrong. You think your nation can do whatever it wants.
  9. You believe in the rule of the few, election rigging, political decisions being made by a select group of officials behind closed doors, embrace the informal and unregulated exercise of political power, arbitrary deprivation of civil liberties, and little tolerance for meaningful opposition.
  10. You believe in survival of the fittest, an every man for himself mentality that causes you to believe that poor people and sick people are weak and must be punished. You think rich people are strong because they are wealthy and that they should rule us. You also believe your race is superior to all others.
  11. You use the media as a political propaganda machine to target a specific audience and to push your agenda on others. You make sure the media demonizes your opponents and takes your side on nearly every issue. You use your propaganda machine to play on the fears of others.
  12. You are obsessed with security, and war. You feed this obsession by spending trillions of dollars building up a large military force and are willing to sacrifice domestic programs your people count on to keep your military huge. You start unnecessary and costly wars and you are paranoid of other nations.
  13. You are driven to indoctrinate others into your way of thinking. So much so, that you try to re-write history, change the way school children are taught and you brainwash the ignorant. You use your propaganda machine as a tool to achieve this.
  14. You fear and demonize intelligent people who have a higher education because they are the ones who can thwart your effort to brainwash people. You then attempt to prevent others from achieving a higher education because you want the people as ignorant as possible so you can convince them that your way is the right way.
  15. You have a deep hatred and fear of communists and you instill your followers with hatred and fear of others by accusing your political opponents of being communists. This gives you an easy scapegoat to blame when things go wrong. Any person or policy you don’t like is branded as communism.
  16. You disrespect women and think their place is in the home. You believe women are weak and cannot do things that men do. You believe that sexual harassment or assault is no big deal and that the only thing women are good for is cooking meals and having babies.
  17. You strongly align yourself with corporations and you support corporate money and influence in government. You despise government regulations that keep corporations honest because you believe everything should be controlled by the free market and that corporations should be allowed to do whatever they please.
  18. You are obsessed with Christianity. You seek to declare a Christian State and to impose religious laws on all the people across the country and the world. You believe other religions are inferior and that those who practice them should either be converted or destroyed.
  19. You believe your race is superior and seek to disenfranchise or humiliate other races. You believe in legalized discrimination and fantasize about a return to times when the races were separate or when those of color were enslaved. You use code words in an attempt to hide your racism and you make laws that weaken the influence of those of color. Immigration and voting laws in particular.
  20. You absolutely despise unions. To you and those like you, labor unions represent the empowerment of workers. Since you believe corporations can do whatever they want, you see organized labor as a threat because they fight for higher wages, health care, safety regulations, less hours, vacations, sick days, and holidays off. This obviously threatens the amount of money corporations can give to you and your cause so you brand unions as proponents of socialism and make laws that severely weaken them so that corporations can have a cheap, mindless labor force.
  21. You are obsessed with crime and a major supporter of punishing those who commit crimes. So much so, that you don’t care about the concept of ‘innocent until proven guilty.’ You are proud of executing people and aren’t bothered if an innocent person is killed. You seek to make harsher laws, especially laws that target specific groups of people such as immigrants, women, and people of color. You also oppose Miranda rights and using humane interrogation tactics and you seek to undermine the independent judiciary.
  22. You believe every election should go your way and to reach that goal, you push voting laws that disenfranchise those who traditionally vote for opponents such as people of color, the elderly, college students, and the poor. You even stoop to fixing elections in some cases and complain when your opponents challenge the vote counts.
  23. You believe in rewarding your friends with positions when you gain power and you reward those who support you with government contracts and money, especially corporations. You also do your best to aid your supporters in any way you can, such as repealing undesirable pieces of legislation and regulations. You often have something to gain financially from this.
  24. You create scapegoats to blame when problems arise. Whether it’s communists, liberals, minorities, homosexuals, the poor, or non-Christians, one thing is for certain. You and your propaganda tool will blame each and every one of those groups for bad things that happen even if you were the cause of the problems in the first place.
  25. You take advantage of a national disaster such as an economic collapse or an attack to demonize your opponents and push your agenda. You use these events to strike fear into the population in an attempt to scare people into voting for you and your cause. It’s all about fear and scare tactics.

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