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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ewwww More Scandal

Okay, here I go again

Enough already! Why is it the right wing media jumps on any and everything Obama-ish? Why is it they will stop at nothing to discredit this president? [Other than the fact he is a black man, of course.]

I have some theories:

  1. Benghazi: come on folks, this has been going on since the inception of the act of terror. The latest was the Email scandal that turned out to be nothing. It was FALSIFIED, people. Get it! Completely untrue and yet blamed on Obama. CNN broke the news about it and showed the original.
  2. IRS: Who out there among you don't think the Tea Party is not a political entity? Come on, let's call a duck a duck. They act like a political entity. They advertise like a political entity. They support right wingers like a political entity and yet they want to claim they are not one. If it quacks, lives in a pond and has webbed feet, it is not a horse...IT'S A DUCK.
  3. The AP investigation: Okay. I'll give you this one but keep in mind this is an old story. Let's try to remember what happened in the Bush Administration regarding outing CIA agents. There's a lady out there who is still steamed about it. Remember? Not only that, what happened is absolutely legal thanks to the Bush Administration.
Here's what I think:
  1. The Obama Administration has been scandal free too long. The right has to shake things up and to do that, they will say and do anything to make sure Hillary will not run in 2016. Let's face it, she is a formidable force facing them in the coming election. If they were to lose to her, it could cost them the congress. And the press, God bless 'em, have to have something to write's only fair, right?
  2. If Hillary runs in 2016, it will be a massacre. No contest. Who would the right run against her? Rand Paul? Get real. The press got handed their comeuppance in the last election by saying it was a real nail biter when in reality it was no contest at all. The press and all of the right-wing politicians have no idea what the American Public wants. If you want an example just look at background checks. More than 80% of Americans were for it, but the scaredy cat politicians figured they knew better what Americans need and they would protect us from ourselves. That little debacle will costs 'em in the next congressional races across this country.
The founding fathers must be rolling over in their graves seeing what has become of the GOP and the “Free Press.” They are both becoming jokes.

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