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Sunday, September 11, 2011


It's time to say a word or two about nine-eleven.

What a terrible day.  The whole nation watched in horror as the twin trade towers collapsed under the attack of two passenger jets.  Also, the Pentagon, our bastion of national/world protection attacked!  The heroism of the passengers of another jet headed for the White House.  It was both a terrible day and an awesome day for we Americans.  We were shocked and we were stunned, but we were also extremely proud of the first responders.

I cannot express how glad and how proud I was to be an American.  It would have been very easy to blame all Mid-Eastern peoples for the deaths of the thousands at the towers, Pentagon and the Pennsylvanian plane.  It would be easy to say that all Muslims are terrorists.  It would be easy to start our own Jihad against all Muslims.  But that's not what Americans are about.  We are about acceptance of differences.  We are about the Melting Pot.  We are about giving all peoples a chance.

However, the aftermath of that horrible day is continuing.  Unfortunately, there are those who blacken the American Ideal.  They send you hate mail over the internet.  They darken Facebook with their slag filled posts.  The largest percentage of Americans are not that way...but, the small minded percentage yell the loudest and thereby disgust the most.

My wish is that all people live harmoniously, but if they cannot, at least do not spread your ugliness on the rest of us.  Don't darken the greatness of the folks who died at the towers, Pentagon and in Pennsylvania with your smut.

God Bless America!

PS:  To you so-called Christians.  Stop your bigoted, homophobic diatribes on Facebook and Twitter.  You are debasing yourselves and your religious leanings.  Christianity is about forgiveness: "forgive them Father for they know not what they do."  We cannot be friends with you if you are a desecration of the very values you espouse.  But we will pray for you.

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