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Friday, September 23, 2011

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Nobody believes Job Act will be fully paid for
   Delmar Stone’s column on Sept. 19 left a question in my mind — “Where in the world is the money coming from to pay for Obama’s continuing socialistic boondoggles?”
   Stone uses over 13 column inches to tell all of us the urgent need for Obama’s “American Jobs Act,” just a new name for another stimulus which is doomed to failure, and what wonders it will do to fix unemployment and improve our sick economy.
   Briefly, Stone states that:
   1. 40,000 Idaho small businesses will receive at least a 3.1 percent payroll tax cut.
   2. Idaho, rebuilding infrastructure, will receive at least $190, 200,000 and create 2,500 local jobs.
   3. Idaho will receive $159,000,000 to pay for 2,500 new jobs for teachers, police and firefighters (probably in that order).
   4. $93,600,000 to Idaho for modernization of schools, etc., $20,000,000 to revitalize local communities, and $11,200,000 to community colleges.
   5. Reformed unemployment insurance system (no dollar amount assigned to this element, but go figure).
   6. Approximately $1,460 tax cut for every household in Idaho with a median income of $47,000.
   7. “Pathways Back to Work” touted to put 22,600 workers in Idaho back to work (at what cost?)
   These are the numbers “little old Idaho” reaps from Obama’s generosity, according to the article. One can only imagine the numbers for states like, Illinois, New York, California, etc!
   After approximately 13 column inches promoting this plan, Stone states, “This act will be fully paid for as a part of a long-term deficit reduction plan!”
   Oh really? Perhaps, just maybe, hard-working, honest taxpaying Americans are not as naive or gullible as some folks seem to think! We know the government has no money until they steal it from us first!
   n Covey E. Ruyle, Eagle

Okay Covey, let's just answer your question:  "Who's gonna pay for the money?"  Who do you think?  Us.  The American taxpayer is gonna pay for the the beginning.  However, if people go back to work, they will pay taxes, buy cars, refrigerators, etc., and that will stimulate the economy and that will pay back the economy.  Don't be such a Republican, Covey.  Use your head.  Trickle Down economics have not worked since Reagan started it.  Trickle UP economics do.  Give the money to the poor and the money will trickle up to the Rich and thereby stimulate the economy.

We are neither naive or gullible liberals.  Most of us are educated and very smart.  We know what makes the world go round, probably better than the idiot Tea Partiers who are getting Social Security and yelling at how Socialistic Obama is.  My God, Covey, don't you know that our country is a combination of Socialism and Capitalism and that's why it works?  We are a money oriented country, but we are also a caring country and that's why we believe in The People and help them where ever and when ever we can.

It is not Socialism that Obama is conveying, it's putting people back to work, forgodsake!  Lay off the critiques until you see if it works.  Stop worrying about the money.  You didn't worry when the Republicans got us into this mess and it'll take us Democrats to get us out of it.  I'm tired of your whining.

We need to know real facts in McGee case
   I want to know the real facts about what went on with Mr. McGee. I read in the paper that he claimed someone else was driving the pickup/trailer. If this is true, why wasn’t that person arrested and charged with grand theft? If not true, Mr. McGee lied and was driving. Why wasn’t he charged with grand theft?
   Commit a crime, you are supposed to be held accountable and face the 
consequences. Doesn’t this apply to public servants?
   The paper says he apologized. I don’t believe he has. He apologized to the people he stole from and crashed their vehicle. He apologized to his party. He didn’t apologize to the people of Canyon County, people who elected him and trusted him to do his job with dignity and honesty.
   I have a couple more questions. I have heard a DUI becomes a felony if there is an accident involved. Also, I have never heard of anyone being able to walk away from a felony (remember the grand theft and the wreck?) because they were able to pay the victims off. I thought you went to court and faced the consequences for criminal actions and you could settle out of court or they could take you to civil court to be compensated. Oh wish that it were true.  Surely you don't believe justice is blind, do you?  No, no, Jim m'friend, money is a big leveler when justice is involved.  That and political pressure.  Mr. McGee is a Republican in a Red State and rue the day that the 'party' is denigrated.
   I read about a woman who went into a store and stole a can of beer that cost $1.24. The paper said she could be sentenced to up to 10 years in prison and I believe a $1,000 fine because there was evidence it was premeditated. I think Mr. McGee’s crime was also premeditated. He didn’t accidentally fall into that pickup and the key magically appeared. He looked for it. When he found it, the vehicle didn’t accidentally start itself and drive away.
   I’m sure the woman who stole the beer would be willing to pay the store and apologize.
   What a world it would be if no one were held accountable.
   n Jim Self, Caldwell

I admire you Jim.  You ask hard questions.  However, there will probably never be answers.
[a letter to Mr. Business owner]

Dear Mr. Factory Owner,

Thank you for building your factory in my country, U.S.A.  Now, I want you to pay your way to stay.

  1. You use my road to transport and receive goods and services.
  2. You are protected by my Police.
  3. You are aided by my Fire Department.
  4. Your employees pay for all this: roads, police, fire service and many other taxed services.
Now, Mr. Factory Owner, we want you to pay your fair share.  We want you to pay the same percentage of personal income tax that your employees do.

Can you do this Mr. Factory Owner?  Can you pay your fair share?

John Belville.

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