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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Stuff Again

Congress dodges one crisis, now on to the next
   The Associated Press
   WASHINGTON — One crisis averted, on to the next. The day after Congress managed to avoid a government shutdown — again — Republicans and Democrats stared ahead Tuesday at major fights over spending that underscore a deep divide that’s sure to define the fast-approaching national elections.
   Monday night, lawmakers had postponed their dispute over whether billions for disaster aid must be paid for with cuts elsewhere in the budget, finessing a pact to keep the government operating.
   But tea party-driven Republicans are still insisting on significant spending cuts this fall, with some arguing that a hard-fought congressional agreement this summer to fund the government at $1.043 trillion in 2012 was too generous. Democrats, many of whom complained of too many concessions and reductions in this year’s showdowns, are furiously trying to protect government programs.
   The next skirmish will be over how and where to spend the new year’s budget, with a Nov. 18 deadline for that legislation. President Barack Obama’s $447 billion jobs 
proposal that would cut payroll taxes and increase spending on school construction and other infrastructure has already divided the parties. But the next really big deal is the special 12-member bipartisan supercommittee and whether it can come up with a plan to slash $1.5 trillion over 10 years by Nov. 23 — the day before Thanksgiving.
   These fights will unfold against the backdrop of a feeble economy that Obama is desperate to jump-start as he pushes for a second term, and an exasperated electorate that looks at Washington and dislikes what it sees.
   “The heat will be on, the heat from the American people,” said former Republican Sen. Alan Simpson, who believes Americans struggling economically will be asking, “Why stretch us out like this?”

These Republicans are slitting their own throats even though they don't realize it.  Their obstucturism will do them in at the ballot box next year.  The are known the 'Do Nothing' congress and it's a apt expression of their stubbornism.  They simply cannot stand a black man in the White House.  Their bigotry and small mindedness will ruin them in the end.

WHERE THE HELL DO YOU THINK THE MONEY COMES FROM TO RUN THE GOVERNMENT!.  Every time I see some dumb item like this I wanna puke.  Of course we taxpayers pay for what ever the government does.  That's simply a given!  Why do people see the government as a money sucking pig when it has to garner funds from the people.  Without us paying for government, we wouldn't have an interstate highway, an army, Social Security, Medicare and on, and on.  Somebody has to pay for the money...don't they?  Come on people, wake the hell up.  Now lemme tell you how we could solve most of our problems.  Give nobody a refund at the end of the year.  The government spends that money on spec.  It sees it has so much money coming from the taxes it charges, so it spends that amount of money, but when they have to give people a refund because they 'over-paid' their tax burden, well, that adds to the deficit.  Everyone, including me, should stop using the government as a savings account.  We need to add exemptions until we are owed no money at the end of the year.  You gonna do it?  No?  Then stop bitching about the deficit.

Bujak’s interest in running outrageous
   Jeers, jeers, jeers to John Bujak. How dare he talk about running for office! He has been accused of taking money from the county, and from what I’ve heard, I believe that proves him to be a thief.
   I am losing my desire to vote for anyone running for any office. Shame on you, Mr. Bujak.
   n Carol Ligas, Nampa

Hehehehe.  Carol, Carol, Carol.  Are you that naive?  The Congress and Senate are full of crooks.  Bujak is small potatoes compared to those aholes.  I actually know John, and he would make a good politician.  At least we would KNOW who we are voting for.
If I hear another Pol call Social Security a Ponzi Scheme, I'M GONNA SCREAM!  It is most DEFINITELY not a Ponzi Scheme.  Stop calling it that low-lives.  You are making me SICK!

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