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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

More Crap

Still undecided, Palin rails against Obama
N.H.TeaPartyleadervoicesfrustration with former Alaska governor
   The Associated Press
   MANCHESTER, N.H. — Sarah Palin left open the possibility of a presidential bid Monday afternoon, while encouraging tea party activists to unite against President Obama.
   And the former Alaska governor praised Republican presidential candidates for working harder to appeal to the tea party movement.
   “Now we’re seeing more and more folks realize the strength of this grassroots movement and they’re wanting to be involved,” she told hundreds of activists at a Tea Party Express rally in the Granite State’s largest city. “I say, ‘Right on, better late than never,’ for some of these campaigns, especially.”
   She didn’t name any names, but former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney is among those courting tea party groups this weekend.
   But Palin’s New Hampshire appearance comes amid rising frustration — and indifference — among Granite
State Republicans and Tea Party activists over her hazy intentions.
   She has drawn headlines, dominated cable news coverage and raised supporters’ hopes through several recent visits to early voting states. And as she did Monday, she has consistently left open the possibility she would seek the presidency.
   A New Hampshire Tea Party leader 
couldn’t hold back his frustration Sunday night at another rally hosted by the Tea Party Express.
   “Once again it is time to determine— are you here to sell books or are you here to run for president of the United States?” asked Corey Lewandowski, state director for Americans for Prosperity, a Tea Party ally. “The people of New Hampshire deserve to know, are you serious? And if you are serious, then welcome to the race. And if you’re not serious, get out of the way because we’re going to elect a new president.”
   Aside from Monday’s visit — her second in New Hampshire over the last three months — local operatives say Palin has not moved to hire staff or organize a ground game in the state that will host the nation’s first presidential primary in roughly five months.
Sarah Palin
   Former Alaska governor
This dip will not go away.  Mark my words, she'll toss her hair net into the pack when it comes times to run.  In the mean time, she'll steal the thunder away from the other Republican Candidates.
GOP candidates in S.C. vow to carry Tea Party banner
   The Associated Press
   COLUMBIA, S.C. — Pledging fidelity to the Constitution and vowing to carry the Tea Party’s priorities to the White House, the Republicans chasing the GOP’s presidential nomination pitched themselves Monday to their party’s libertarian activists as the strongest candidates to roll back four years of President Barack Obama’s tenure.
   Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney said the Obama administration flouted the Constitution to push a political agenda. Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota stridently called Obama’s policies “unconstitutional” at the same Tea Party-backed forum on Labor Day. And Texas Gov. Rick Perry, the third member of his party’s top tier, told a separate town hall-style audience earlier in the day that he has a better record on jobs 
than the president.
   With Labor Day marking the unofficial start to the 2012 campaign, the contenders were painting themselves to the Tea Party during an afternoon forum with Sen. Jim DeMint in his home state — site of the first nominating contest in the South. The event was designed to probe the candidates on their views of spending, taxes and the Constitution — bedrock principles for the tea party activists whose rising clout is likely to shape the nominating process.
   “I don’t think I’ve ever seen an administration who has gone further afieldfromtheConstitution...thanthe Obama administration, not just with regulation, but with energy policy, with financial regulatory policy and, with the worst example, Obamacare,” Romney said, outlining conservatives’ broad indictment of Obama’s tenure.
   It also was a prime opportunity for the candidates to level pointed — though, in many cases, familiar — criticism of Obama.
   “The track record we have creating jobs, I’d put up against anyone running for president of the United States, particularly the current resident of the White House,” said Perry, whose late entry into the race threatens Romney’s one-time aura of inevitability with support from Tea Partyers.
   And Bachmann sought to sustain her status as a movement darling and suitable alternative to Romney. Although she never engaged him directly, her remarks seemed centered on Romney.
Bachmann warned that Obama and Democrats’ health care legislation was taking away freedoms and giving Washington abject power.

Be very afraid my friends.  These people are serious.  They sound like idiots, but they are dead serious and they are currently running the Republican Party...Be Very Afraid!
New Deal policies made things worse, not better
   Today the high expectation for economic recovery through expansion of Keynesian economic policies comes from the incorrect historical record of the New Deal period. The New Deal did not get the United States out of the Great Depression; it merely prolonged it and increased the government debt.
Keynesian Economics basically state that the economy runs on Supply and Demand.  Increased Demand increases demand for products and labor.  I studied Maynard Keynes in university and, while I kind of agree with his basic economic theory, there are some holes in it.  Keynes believed if you supported business that labor would benefit because business would hire them to affect the supply-side of the economy and thereby increase the money supply for other businesses.  Here's the problem.  Give businesses money does not necessarily mean that business will spend it and if they don't labor suffers.  Business likes to invest money into itself without creating jobs.  In fact, the businesses will spend money for more robotics and labor suffers.

   The New Deal policies created uncertainty in the business community. They increased taxes on the middle class and the poor by relying on excise taxes on the products they consumed disproportionately. The top income tax rate was 79 percent.  He, he, he...Mr. Benedict, that's because the Republicans placed that tax on the rich to get money back into economy by paying for the government programs that got the economy humming again.  After the economy took off, the tax rate went down.
   Costs to businesses were increased through Social Security taxes and corporate taxes. Labor costs increased through compulsory unionization, and antitrust court cases skyrocketed.  OMG, are you saying Unionization was wrong?  Without it the working man would still be working for pennies and the rich would be so rich that this country could go back to fiefdoms again.  And labor agreed to pitch in for Social Security to make it fair for business.  You, m'friend are a Social Darwinist.  If you ain't got it, Tough!  You don't have any soul Mr. Benedict.  So, what do you think, should we just Kill All The Poor?  They aren't contributing anyway!
   Unemployment averaged about 17 percent throughout the 1933-1940 years. Today it is the same, if you count all those who are unemployed as unemployed. Before that, it was 25-30% and the country was in a terrible Depression.  People were literally dying of starvation.  Okies were in California picking fruit for literally pennies.  Man, you really need to study the history of the depression.
   In the six months prior to the passage of the National Recovery Act, employment and payroll increased by 23 and 35 percent, respectively. In the six months after its passage, industrial production decreased 25 percent.  It decreased because we were no longer at war.  Are you saying we should have kept killing our young men in order to keep the economy humming.  That is why Roosevelt created The National Recovery protect the economy.  Jesus, how old are you Glen?  I'm nearly 70.  I remember the depression because my father was in it and he told me how it REALLY was in those years.  And, you know what?  He was a Republican.  He hated Roosevelt, but appreciated his policies. 
   This strongly indicates that the Depression was easing and would have recovered better if the New Deal had never been dealt. However the New Deal is being repeated as the Great Deal. Since it is Great instead of just New, the consequences will be a 
   I see the enemedia are having a fit about the attendees at the Texas prayer meeting where Rick Perry spoke. But the leader of this administration’s exposure to Jeremiah Wright for 20 years is not to be questioned.  You gotta be kidding.  Jeremiah Wright got drummed out of the Washington scene.  Obama simply didn't know how bigoted this creep was.  How many people were took in by Tammy Fay and her spouse?  These people are very personable and they put out a good message...for a while, but eventually they are found out and when that happens they are shunned. 
   What ever happened to truth? Now it can be whatever you think is politically saleable. Remember Sergeant Friday on Dragnet? “Just the facts Ma’am?”  That same goes for you too, Mr. Benedict.  Just the REAL facts buddy.
   I recommend you read your Holy Bible instead of this op-ed!
   n Glen Benedict, Nampa

Mr. Benedict, Are you out of your rabbit-assed mind?  Roosevelt's New Deal administration got us out of the worst Depression this world - yes world - has ever seen.  It created jobs where there were none.  It put money back into circulation when the 'fat-cat' money lenders and crazed stock market idiots drove us into the Depression.

Mr. Benedict, you are reading the wrong history books, m'friend.  You probably also think, like most Republicans, that WWII got us out of the Depression.  The war machine got the economy humming.  War is good for the Economy.  If that was so, we should be rolling in Cash today cause we got two wars humming along and we are pouring money into them in the Billions.

Mr. Benedict, you are so wrong, It's not even worth it for me to argue with you.
Big fires in Texas.  Governor Perry want's Federal help...NEED I SAY MORE?

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