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Friday, September 16, 2011

Deep Thinker

Two kids should be food stamp maximum
   I also agree that the food stamp program stinks! I know people who could use a little help can’t get it. I know people who are just lazy get them!
   I think they need new workers in the Health and Welfare. People at the shelters who live there get food stamps and sell them to people. They give them $100 worth for $25 or $50 cash!
   There needs to be a whole new system. Some spend $100 on steak and lobster. The men buy booze and cigarettes with cash. It’s so maddening, I’m getting bitter about the nuisance!
   Yeah, cut them off. Two children should be the max for working people! That’s enough. Maybe that’s unconstitutional, but so be it!
   If Medicaid provided for your two children, that’s all you need. I think we should give them a certain time limit!
   n Sharon Haskins, Middleton

Now, here's a deep thinker.  If you have more than two kids, you no longer are acceptable for food stamps.  And, come on lady, you cannot buy booze or cigarettes with food stamps.  Plus there are no more food stamps, it's a card like a credit card.  You are what's known as a social Darwinist.  Survival of the fittest.  If they ain't fit...LET 'EM DIE.

Mallard is, of course, a conservative duck.  But sometimes he's kinda funny.

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