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Friday, September 2, 2011

Got it right

Idaho GOP has no reputation to protect
   The Canyon County Republican Central Committee need not worry about protecting the reputation of the Republican Party by investigating Sen. John McGee because the Republican Party has no reputation to protect.
   From the “wide stance” of Larry Craig to the six-year affair with a married man of (then private citizen) Helen Chenoweth, from the Tax Commission’s incompetence to the tax scandals of Phil Hart, there is nothing left of the local Republican “reputation.”
   Nationally, the Republican Party is a joke. The party of “family values” is led by men who can’t stay married (Gingrich, Limbaugh). And who can forget “Hot Tub Tommy” DeLay or Bush’s religious consultant Ted Haggard? How about the thrilling sexual exploits of Republican Gov. Mark Sanford and Sen. John Ensign? Sarah Palin’s family values read like something out of a Jerry Springer show.
   When it comes to corruption, it’s hard to match the criminals in Reagan’s administration, unless one goes back to that earlier family values president Warren Harding.
   All of this vile corruption in the Republican Party partially explains the rise of the corporatefunded religious right who promise 
a form of cheap medication by purging America of “sin.”
   Finally we know what GOP stands for: “Gomorrah’s Own Party.”
   n Gary L. Bennett, Emmett

I could not have said it better.  The Conservative Party is corrupt as the Mafia.  They've been in power so long they think they can get away with anything.  Larry Craig not only debased himself, he reflected that debasement on the state of Idaho.  We have a republican bunch of idiots in power right now in Idaho.  They talk out every side of their mouths by the honest side.  If you believe anything they say, you are idiotic yourself and I refuse to be defined as an idiot.  Every time I see Butchie Otter espousing family values I cringe...he stepped out on his first wife and is a 'recovered' alcoholic.  All the guys in the state house are driving me crazy.

People who are Republican-backers, are the most disgusting of all.  They send out disgusting emails to people and think they are funny.  They debase the President of the United States and by doing so they debase themselves.  Their representatives, Perry, Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Palin and Bachman are some of the most bigoted folks around.  I actually think they hate people.

So, I continue to support the Left and always will...

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