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Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Never mind the disgusting display that will be the BCS National Championship—which I won't be watching—lets take a look at the only BCB bowl No. 7 Boise State had a chance to play in, the Sugar Bowl. Right now No. 11 Virginia Tech will play No. 13 Michigan.  
So is this really putting the best team in the bowl or is it really about the money?
Put the fact that Boise State is ranked higher than both of these teams aside and take a look at who each of these teams lost to.
Virginia Tech lost twice to the No. 15 team in the country by a total of 48 points. Michigan lost to an unranked Iowa by eight points and No.17 Michigan State by two touchdowns. Boise State lost to the No. 18 team in the country by one point on a missed field goal. I guess the BCS doesn't take into account who each team loses to.  
So let's see which ranked teams each of these three programs has defeated.
Boise State's only ranked victory is the SEC East champion, Georgia Bulldogs, who are currently ranked 16th. However, compared to Michigan, their win looks pretty good since the only ranked team Michigan beat was No. 20 Nebraska. At least Michigan beat a currently ranked team because Virginia Tech has not.
Georgia Tech is the only team Virginia Tech beat that is anywhere near the Top 25, as they currently sit at No. 30. So I guess that did not factor into the BCS.
Even Kansas State is more deserving, possibly more-so than Boise State: their losses came against No. 3 Oklahoma State and No. 14 Oklahoma, while its wins came against ranked teams No. 24 Texas and No. 12 Baylor.

What would have been the best Sugar Bowl match-up?

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Four out of the Top 10 teams in the country did not get a BCS bowl and there are 12 spots to fill.
Those include Arkansas, Boise State, Kansas State, and South Carolina. Of those teams, only two of them were eligible for an at-large bid and, apparently in a complete breakdown of common sense, both were passed over for the No. 11 and No. 13 team in the country, simply because they will "fill seats."
Instead we get to watch No. 23 West Virginia play No. 15 Clemson in the Orange Bowl, No. 13 Michigan play No.11 Virginia Tech while Boise State plays a 6-6 Arizona State. At least Kansas State gets a quality opponent in Georgia.  
I think I'm going to have to add all of the BCS Bowls to my list of boycotts this year, not just the SEC snore fest that will be the BCS Championship.
This guy knows whereof he speaketh.

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