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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mish Mash and BSU

The Newt says that poor kids don't work.  They don't know how to work.  They have never had jobs to learn to work.

This is such a stupid statement I hesitate to say anything, but of course I will.  Not only do poor kids know more about work than the middle class kids or the rich kids.  They often have worked since before middle school.  And, what Newt says is racially motivated.  He's such an idiot.

The actual statistic is 28%.  This is due to the job situation here in Idaho.  There are many more 'new' applicants that in former years.  A lot of them are from the WIC [women with infant children].

Petersen speaks out against BCS
Boise State coach typically reserved regarding system, but displeased with being left out in 2011
   © 2011 Idaho Press-Tribune
   Years of frustration that had built up in his fanbase finally emerged from Chris Petersen’s mouth Monday.
   Boise State’s head coach, who even said last December, “for the most part we’ve been able to make the system work” now believes that system has failed his Broncos.
   The BCS, which passed over Boise State in favor of other at-large teams, namely Virginia Tech, was in Petersen’s crosshairs during his weekly news conference.
   “The whole thing just doesn’t make sense,” he said. “I don’t know who it makes sense to. I haven’t heard anyone going ‘this is pretty good.’ Everybody goes ‘this is really bad.’”
   Virginia Tech, No. 11 in the BCS rankings, and coming off a 38-10 loss in the ACC championship, will face the BCS’ No. 13 team, Michigan, in the Sugar Bowl. Boise State was ranked No. 7.
   Under the BCS system, the ACC champion (Clemson) and the Big East champion (West Virginia), got automatic berths despite finishing 15th and 23rd in the system’s own rankings. Arkansas, Boise State, Kansas State and South Carolina, Nos. 6 through 9, will not play in one of the lucrative bowls.
   “Right now everybody’s going ‘nothing makes any sense,’” Petersen said. “Six, seven, eight, nine, why are we even voting if they’re left out of games like that?”
   In 2008, 2010 and 2011, the Broncos finished the regular season a combined 34-2 and finished in the top 10 in the BCS, but did not get into a BCS bowl game. 
   “I think everybody is just very tired of the BCS,” Petersen said. “That’s the bottom line.
   “I don’t think anyone’s happy anywhere ... the whole thing needs to be changed.”
   When asked what he would like to see be changed about the BCS, Petersen first said he’d like to see a committee formed, like the 
NCAA basketball tournament, to select teams. He also advocated eliminating some of the 34 bowl games and a plus-one system that puts the top four teams in a playoff.
   “I think (change) is coming, I really do,” he said.
   Petersen also addressed the conflict of having the coaches’ poll be part of the BCS formula. He voted Boise State at No. 5, along with Georgia coach Mark Richt and nine others. Former Fresno State coach Pat Hill and San Diego State coach Rocky Long, who 
both played Boise State this year, picked them fourth.
   “I know how I voted and I know what I’m trying to do, which is make the best case for Boise State to get in there, so I probably shouldn’t be a voter,” Petersen said.
   The USA Today releases the final polls of each voting coach, and Petersen had TCU ranked No. 18. The Horned Frogs beat the Broncos 36-35 in Boise on Nov. 12. TCU was 18th in the final BCS rankings, but would have obtained a berth if it was in the top 
16. Petersen’s vote did not sit well with TCU coach Gary Patterson.
   “I’m more disturbed by Petersen voting us 18th when we beat him at home,” Patterson told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram on Monday. “And defensively we didn’t even play that well. You’re not supposed to show bias.”
   Despite his unhappiness with the BCS, Petersen said playing Dec. 22 against Arizona State “is a great bowl for us.”
   Expansion on the docket
   Boise State hopes to add more than 3,000 seats to 
Bronco Stadium, according to an item on the agenda of Thursday’s State Board of Education meeting.
   The 5,200 bleacher seats currently in the end zones will be moved to the new Dona Larsen Park, and 8,500 new seats will be put in. The cost will be approximately $3.1 million with the money being borrowed from the school, but the agenda item notes they will pay for themselves in less than four years with full ticket sales.
   Smith out for bowl game
   Petersen said junior linebacker/fullback Tommy Smith, who had 18 tackles (three for losses) and an 11-yard catch this season, broke his leg against New Mexico and will be out for the Las Vegas Bowl. He’s expected to recover fully and be back next year.

Here, here Coach Pete.  The BCS is completely screwed up and I've blogged about it and put my opine on Facebook.

Moore not a Heisman ÿnalist
   Kellen Moore will not be headed back to New York.
   The Boise State quarterback, who passed for 3,507 yards and 41 touchdowns was not among the five finalists announced Monday on ESPN
   Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck, along with Robert Griffin III, Trent Richardson, Tyrann Mathieu and Montee Ball are the Heisman finalists. The group, announced Monday on ESPN, will be at the presentation Saturday night in Manhattan.
   Moore was a Heisman finalist in 2010, along with Luck, Oregon running back LaMichael James and the eventual winner, Cam Newton of Auburn.
   Luck is the only repeat finalist this season, while Griffin is the first Baylor player to get an invite to the ceremony. The school has never had a player finish better than fourth in the Heisman voting, but now it seems to have the favorite.
   “I’m sure it will be a really close vote,” Griffin told reporters in Waco, Texas, after watching the announcement with teammates and coaches.
   Richardson is the second Alabama running back to be a finalist in the past three years. Former teammate Mark Ingram won the Heisman in 2009.

Another screwing by the Heisman folks.  Here you've got the winningest QB in the history of the game and no bid for the Heisman?  Booooo!

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