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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Soros behind most shady organizations
   Kudos to Dale Pearce in bringing to light the underhanded dealings of Delmar Stone’s precious Southern Poverty Law Center.
   The list of “organizations” of this ilk are very long, and most, if not all, can be sourced to George Soros. Glenn Beck has researched this extensively and thus it has put him, his family and his complete staff in mortal danger as he obviously is bringing to light information Soros does not want known.
   Much of that info is video and audio of the actual individuals involved, not just printed matter. It is their own words.
   Some of that information has been scrubbed from the Internet. However, many of us have and are burning that info onto discs as we find it in order to retain it for the future.
   q Dwaine Baccus, Nampa

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is an American nonprofit civil rights organization noted for its legal victories against white supremacistgroups; legal representation for victims of hate groups; monitoring of alleged hate groups, militias and extremist organizations; and educational programs that promote tolerance.[3][4][5] The SPLC classifies as hate groups organizations that denigrate or assault entire groups of people, typically for attributes that are beyond their control.[6]
In 1971, Morris Dees and Joseph J. Levin Jr. founded the SPLC as a civil rights law firm based in Montgomery, Alabama.[7] Civil rights leader Julian Bond soon joined Dees and Levin and served as president of the board between 1971 and 1979.[8] The SPLC's litigating strategy involved filing civil suits for damages on behalf of the victims of hate group harassment, threats, and violence with the goal of financially depleting the responsible groups and individuals. While it originally focused on damages done by the Ku Klux Klanand other white supremacist groups, throughout the years the SPLC has become involved in other civil rights causes, among them, cases concerned with institutional racial segregation and discrimination, the mistreatment of aliens, and the separation of church and state.
The SPLC does not accept government funds, or charge its clients legal fees, or share in the court-awarded judgments to them. Its programs have been supported by successful fund raising efforts which have also helped it to build substantial monetary reserves. Both its fund raising appeals and its accumulation of reserves have been subject to controversy.
I'm sorry Mr. Baccus, but the SPLC is not  what Glenn Beck says it is.  In fact, most things are not what Glenn Beck says they are.  If there was ever a good group, this is it.  What are you a KKKer?
Law Center fights threats to our freedom
   The recent guest opinion on Friday by Dale Pearce about the Southern Poverty Law Center is misleading and inaccurate.
   Teaching Tolerance is one of their projects. It is not the dominant one. The main effort of the center is to use the courts of law to combat organizations and movements that are a serious threat to individual freedoms and liberties.
   The center was the primary force that finally led to the demise of Butler’s neo Nazi Ayran Nation establishment in Northern Idaho. They have had similar success against the criminal skinheads in the Northwest.
   They also have successfully gone to court on behalf of laborers brought into the U.S. legally to work in southern forests. Many of them were exploited by their contractor employers, including cheating them out of much 
or all of their wages.
   Legal fights are not cheap. Donations help pay for the Southern Poverty Law Center to use the courts of law to win justice for individuals, deserving groups and ultimately you and me.
   Pearce cited as a source for his opinion the New American magazine, a publication of the John Birch Society - hardly an unbiased source on this subject.
   We have made modest financial donations to the center for nearly 30 years and support their fight within the legal system against movements that are potentials for domestic terror and those who oppress individuals or groups of ordinary people.
   q R. Duane Lloyd, Caldwell

Here, Here, Mr. Lloyd.  You are truly an educated soul.  You couldn't give money to a more deserving organization.

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