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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Food Stamps

Okay, let's take a closer look at this Food Stamp business. People are up in arms cause they believe that people on food stamps are driving Cadillacs and 3500 Dodge Rams to go get their groceries. Alrighty then...

First off, here's what you can buy with Food Stamps:
  1. candy
  2. ice cream
  3. frozen dinners
  4. soda pop and snack foods
Here's some stuff you can't buy with Food Stamps:
  1. Tobacco
  2. cigarettes
  3. hot food
  4. some energy drinks and anything non-edible, including toiletries and cosmetics

There are approximately 46-million Americans on Food Stamps, or about 15 percent of the population. The percentages are about the same in Idaho: 234,310 / 28%.

A lot of folks don't believe these 'on-the-dolers' use the stamps to feed their families, instead, they spend that money on non-essentials while taxpayers foot the bill. There are Moochers. There will always be Moochers in any government system who 'game the system.' They are the lazy ones. These few are what the conservatives hone in on. They see someone with a nice car driving off with their groceries and immediately think they are scammers when, in fact, they may have bought the car in the good times, but now are in dire straights. Yet, they judge without facts.

I say, walk a mile in their shoes before you judge.

My wife and I were in food stamps when I went back to college.  Without them, we would not have had the money for me to attend school and later find a better job.  We didn't scam they system and the huge share of Food Stamp beneficiaries don't.

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