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Friday, December 16, 2011

Obama: Bad President?

Let's see if I've got this right:

  1. President Obama said he would bring the troupes home from Iraq.  He did.
  2. President Obama said he would 'get' Osama Bin Ladin.  He did.
  3. President Obama said he would keep us from another 'Great Depression'.  He did.
  4. President Obama said he would not take from Medicare and would keep it from privatization.  He did.
  5. President Obama said he would lower taxes.  He did.
  6. President Obama said he would put people back to work.  He's trying but the Republicans will not pass his jobs act that would help put the infrastructure of this country back in shape and put people to work.
  7. President Obama said he would make the rich pay their fair share in taxes.  He's trying but the Republican obstructionists won't let him.
  8. President Obama would like every American to be health insured.  He has...Partially.  Again, the Obstructionistic Republicas opposed his sweeping bill to insure all Americans.  Again, they want to keep the broken private insurance programs in place.
Tell me, if you can, what makes him a 'bad' President?  Somehow, I just can't see it.  Maybe my tired old septuagenarian mind just can't see it?  Maybe I'm just too old.  Having lived through presidents from FDR through Obama, I can honestly say that the good changes in government have been made by Democrats.  Republicans...ever since Reaganomics "Trickle Down" theory gained popularity and the theory that Capitalism is a 'self-correcting' system of government, i.e., supply vs demand will automatically balance the system.

As we have learned, the very nature of Supply and Demand Theory of Capitalism by its very nature demands that the system has to be 'UNBALANCED' in order to work.  If this system is balanced, there would be no movement and, as we all know, if you aren't going forward you are going backward in this system.  Therefore, the system will be manipulated however necessary.

Example of Supply/Demand:  If the wages of the individual is too high, and the cost of the item is too large, there will be no demand.  Therefore, we must do one of two things, lower the price of the item by firing many people so the price of labor is less and keep the wages the same.  Or, move the operation to a less costly labor friendly country and put thousands of people out of work.  Or, tell the labor force they have to take less money even though goods still cost the same and they cannot buy them, therefore, no demand and the company still has to lower the cost of their way or the other.  As you can see, the system cannot ever be balanced.  And, the rich will get richer, no matter what and the poor will get poorer no matter what.

Ever since the Republicans [under Reagan] cancelled the regulations regarding trade in this country, we have steadily been creating a rich upper class and a poor lower and middle class.  There is no fairness in this system.  Obama is against this system.  My question is does this make him a bad president?

Small business owners gripe and complain and yell that Obama is killing them with his policy of regulation.  This is simply not true...AT ALL:
  1. Regulation of out-of-control businesses is good for everyone including the small business man who cannot compete with the rich businesses.
  2. Regulation protects average citizens from the thieves in the business world who scam them with mortgages they cannot pay and hedge funds that are a Ponzi Scheme.
  3. Regulations make the business playing field more competitive not less competitive.  It makes more business men chase the dollar cause they feel they can compete.
Every time the public hears the word Regulation, they think Big Brother is coming to take their guns away [for example], when in fact regulations are there as as protection as long as the regulators are held to certain rules [that's what various Congressional Committees are for].

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