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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

More Idiocy

Listen to this idiot...

YOUR VIEWS Obama reelection, taxes and tyranny
   On Dec. 6, the leader of the present administration went all the way to Osawatomie, Kan., to start his campaign for reelection. It seems a waste of time, since he has never quit campaigning.  No candidate stops campaigning.  Obama started late if you look at the opposition.  They started last year.
   What he said there lets everyone know what he stands for and why he has been writing all those executive orders. Change a few words in his speech and it is the same speech given by Marx, Lenin, Hitler, and is now given by Chavez and Castro.  OH COME ON!
   He hates the system of government and economics that made the USA the greatest nation of all times. He blames everyone but himself, and his rail against the greedy is hollow.  Rail against the greedy?  Yes indeedy.  No, what made the USA the greatest nation on earth is one word.  FREEDOM.  It has nothing to do with our economics.  We are a capitalistic society which means we believe in the power of money and that's how we rank or rate success in this society.  Is it right?  Probably not.  However, it has worked until it doesn't work and we've seen the result of Capitalism run riot without restraint from Reagan to George Dubya.  Our economics, such as it is, is not the greatest in the world right now.  China, for example, has more money than we fact, we owe them, they do not owe us.  We are deeply in debt because of the rich raping the system.  And you say Obama blames the rich?  Yes he does and he dimwit.
   The government interference in all things is responsible for the loans to people who had no income to pay [deregulation by the Republicans beginning with Reagan did this]. The big lenders and speculators just took that as an opening to transfer accounts to other countries where the regulations on leveraging were not as restrictive. Just a small hiccup and the accounts disappear into the black hole of derivatives.  Oh phooie.  They went to different countries because they could rape the labor forces in those countries and pay pennies on the dollar for workmen.  And derivatives?  Who caused that debacle?  George Dubya and his republican palsies.  Obama wants to rein in the rich and the only way to do that is to regulate trade. 
   Tax the top 1 percent more, you say? The income tax as “ratified” was to tax only the top 1 percent, sound familiar? Confiscate all salaries above $250,000 a year and you get enough to fund the federal government for 140 days or balance the budget for one year. Take your choice.  No again, dimwit.  It is a restructuring of the tax tables.  And it gets rid of the favoritism of the tax breaks for the rich.  They Have to Pay their fair share.
   Cut spending! Save us all!  I know you REALLY think that's the answer.  But what it is, is the problem.  Cut spending and you will cause a collapse of our system.  If the government can't spend, it can't govern.  Is that really what you want, anarchy?  Where would you cut?  Education?  The Military?  Medicare?  Government is not a BUSINESS forgodsake...and thank God for that.  Government is there to distribute wealth that they get in the form of taxation.  Let's make this easy even for a dimwit.  Imagine cutting taxes you pay to your city.  That would be things like garbage and property, etc.  What do you think would happen.  Well, cut property tax and you cut school's incomes and cutting garbage incomes just flat-out stinks.  In a recession or depression, you do not cut, you spend.  That's how you end it.  Spend money on projects that will put money in people's pockets which they will spend creating work for people who build widgets.  You cut spending and you'll send us down the drain just like all you Republicans have done since the God Ronnie did.
   Senate 1867 as passed 93-7 contained a section written in secret 
by our nominated to lose (and carry Sarah down with him) 2008 candidate and his buddy Levin. The section allows our leader to use the military on U.S. soil to hold citizens without charges or trials indefinitely, if said leader defines us as terrorists! Tyranny completed.  Another Bush debacle.  Gotta agree, that was a stupid thing to do and a hard thing to stop cause you grant too much power to the Military within our borders.  Vote it out...if you can. 
   Joshua said it best. Our best choice in times like these is, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” God be with you.  Or in other words, I will stick my head in the sand and stick a grenade up my ass and say Save me Lord!
   Glen Benedict, Nampa

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