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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Social Security

Now not time to cut Social Security
   One again they’re thinking of cutting Social Security. Before they do, they should check its history!
   President Roosevelt started it for a good reason — not just to give the elderly a retirement, but to make room in the workforce for young people. They paid into the system to cover the cost.
   He also started the Civilian Conservation Corps for young men to get them off the streets and out of trouble by putting them in camps making fire breaks and fighting fires. They got three meals and a small wage.
   He also started the Works Progress Administration, which gave the unemployed a job for a minimal wage. They worked in city parks, streets, etc. Some complained they just dug holes and another group filled them, but they were doing something for the money and retaining their dignity, not getting a free handout. 
He didn’t give away money for nothing like our president does now! It was a waste! It didn’t help! World War II took a lot of men from the workforce, even though it created more jobs. So women stepped forward to fill those jobs. But the war was ending andthousands of men came home to no jobs! Roosevelt deported thousands of illegals working in farm jobs, a drain on the government, and made it possible to stabilize our government and make more jobs available for homecoming servicemen.
   We have men and women coming home from wars. Where are the jobs for them? We have to deport the illegals draining our resources (schools, medical, etc.)! Don’t say we won’t take those jobs — I and others did!
   Now Social Security is going belly up? Why? At one time government was looking where they could get some money they needed, and there was the Social Security fund growing larger, so they stole (I’m sorry — borrowed) the money, but never paid it back! Before they touch it, they better work on their own retirement and benefits!
   n Deo Pooley, Nampa

There's not a politician in the country that would dare do anything with Social Security.  The Gray Panthers would be up in arms.  We -- the Senior Citizens -- of America VOTE in EVERY election.  If pols wanna keep their jobs, and they do, they will never touch our benefits.  We worked long and hard for 'em and you'll be damned if you try to touch 'em.  Deo, I agree with you wholeheartedly!

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