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Friday, July 8, 2011

Don't spend to 'help people

We can’t keep raising national ‘debt limit’
   El que paga lo que debe sabe lo que tiene — he who pays what he owes knows what he has. Wise words my friend learned from her mother. It applies to government as well as individuals. Government cannot and should not provide for people’s needs. When government tries to provide more things for more people (welfare, food stamps, bailouts, “stimulus plans,” health care), it goes deeper and deeper into debt, dragging all of us with it.
   We can do our part to counteract this stupidity by getting out of debt, staying out of debt and living on what we have. We should demand that our representatives in Congress stop trying to raise the “debt limit,” because if they continually raise it, as they have done so many times in recent decades, it isn’t a “limit,” is it?
   They say they want to come to an agreement to raise the limit, while at the same time cut spending. That’s like asking Master Card to raise your limit if you promise not to charge any more!
   Actually, Master Card is appropriately named. When you owe them, the credit card company is your master.
   Our nation owes a lot of money to China. Do we want China to be our master?
   Our government’s role is to provide for national defense and get out of our way so we can provide for ourselves with the resources we were blessed with. The more we depend on ourselves, the better off we’ll be.
   We’re all going to have to give up some government services we like. We just can’t afford to keep raising our “debt limit.”
   Sheila Ford, Caldwell

No, no Sheila, the problem is not whether or not the government pays for people's welfare, it isn't even whether or not we are in debt.  Everyone is in debt.  Me, you, everyone except the very, very rich.  So, who should help in this situation?  Everyone.  INCLUDING THE VERY, VERY RICH.  In fact, the primary problem we are facing today is that for decades, the very, very rich have almost literally paid NO taxes to brace up this country's economy.  They take and take in the form of Special Tax Loopholes that we the people have to make up difference out of our taxes.

If we all paid OUR FAIR SHARE, of taxes, the debit would not exist.  In fact, we would actually have a surplus (Clinton years).  Sheila, would you have us give up Medicare?  Medicaid?  Food Stamps?  In other words, you believe in Social Survival of the Fittest.  If you are not fit, you do not belong, no, you not only don't deserve to be here, you should be executed because you no longer can be expected to make money due to illness or age.

Sheila, are you a bigot?  I bet you don't think of yourself as one, but that's what your attitude tells us when you say the 'poor' should not be poor because they are a drain on society.  That's what Nazism was all about.  If you are 'lesser' you should not exist.  Jews are 'lesser.'  Therefore, they don't deserve to exist.  Is that what you are saying about people in need?

Or, Sheila, are you saying that churches should take care of the poor?  Or perhaps the neighborhood should take care of the poor.  You are in favor of taking care of people, just so long as you don't have to pay your fair share to do it...right?  People like you Sheila have gotten us into this situation.  Your answer to all economical problems is to take benefits from people who can least 'afford' it.  Shame on you, Sheila.  Got help you when you get old or infirm.  What then?  Are you to be turned into Soylent Green? [A great movie staring Chuck Heston]

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